Stop Copying Me!

I've always wanted to be the one who was different, when I was growing up. When everyone was doing one thing, I was always the odd kid doing something else. This use to make my mother angry too, as she would pick out our outfits for the day. Her and my sister would be wearing skirts. And I'd put on a pair of pants! And then she would pick out pants for us to all wear and I'd put on a skirt! She would yell, "Why do you always have to be different!" Because I just had to. =p

I know that imitation is a form of flattery, or suppose to be, but I would get so angry when my sister would try to copy me! I would scream, "Mom! She's copying me again!!!" And I hated when young children would say that they wanted to be just like me, when they grew up! I always counter that with, "No! Just be yourself! You're cool as yourself. You don't want to be me, I'm not perfect!" And that's true... I'm not perfect! I believe that everyone should just be themselves. :-)

Even sometimes, when my best pal Philip and I have so many things in common, I get a little annoyed! LOL! Though, in all fairness... he was born first, so I'm really copying him. Darn it all! But every time we have a disagreement or don't get the same quiz results, I am relieved! It means we're not the same person in all things and we are unique from each other! Whoo-hoo! :-D

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I do not any desire to be like you...but would desire to be liked by you.