Force Me Not To Go Until I Really Burst!

In my first story "bladder training" I talked about my bladder and holding experiences.
I can hold 500 ml without problems and then I really have to go. My kidneys normaly produce round about 100 ml each hour. 40 while sleeping and 400 under stress and with cold feet.
Now my last pee was 6,5 hours ago and I produce at least 75 ml each hour.
I will reach my maximum bladder limit within the next 30 minutes and I drank one big cup of tea at lunch time and two pots of coffee now.

Please tell me not to go until I burst!
Natursekt Natursekt
41-45, M
4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I agree with need2go...see if you can hold til your muscles give out and you start to wet yourself involuntarily....the release is INCREDIBLE!!!

Sorry, I was too long over my limit and have seen the first post after I really had to go to avoid an accident. I'm sure that I will be able to hold 600 ml with the risk to wet myself.
Now it's 5 pm in a few minutes and I want hold it now until I go to bed. One last pee this day!

I controlled 7 hours and 15 minutes by stretching my bladder volume for 10 %.
I began 5 days ago with bladder training and pushed my bladder from 500 ml up to 560 this weekend!

Do not give in. Hold it until you begin to pee involuntarily. It's an exciting experience!