Water Baby

I've always loved water. Ever since I can remember. When I was just a little kid I used to crawl through muddy puddles and splash water. I used to love watering the garden, playing with the dog with the hose. I've always loved the beach-the feeling I get when I'm close to the sea- I feel at home. Whether its a perfect summer's day and the sea is calm or it's winter time and there is a gale blowing and waves crashing. I love the seaside at all times.

Sometimes I will just go down to the jetty and sit there, taking in the sea air and watching the waves. It's almost magical.

I like walking alongside rivers too, or inlets, or streams- pretty much any body of water and I'm interested. Watching the turbulence, bubbles and patterns, watching it flow.

I also love the feel of water- be it  bath, pool or spa (heaven)! Taking a shower is not just something I "do" it is an experience in itself. Something I savour. A little joy in a pretty much otherwise boring day.

I just adore water!!!

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

When I was little, like 5 or 6, if it was raining out after my baths, I'd run outside naked lol. I splashed in mud puddles too lol, I used to cover my self in mud "for sunscreen" when I was little too lol.<br />
I hated life jackets! They were hell! I would try to go underwater as hard as I could, but I'd just bob back up lol

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She's here 'til Friday folks....

I love your description <br />
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It certainly makes you think<br />
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What the world would do<br />
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