Naked In An Open Field

I have done naturist activity in an open field very many times over four decades. Recently I parked up in a layby I hadn’t used before, near a spot where I had photographed myself as a young man (that’s another story). Only wearing shorts and a shirt, I crossed the road and through the gateway to a field planted with crops but with a wide border of grass and a little mud path around it. Once I was nude, I walked around a bit. Hearing the voices and footfall of a couple of walkers, doing nothing for concealment, I looked in the direction of the road and saw them pass the gate.
A few minutes later I came out of the field and walked along the little country lane past a house, round the bend and to the ford where a well known local stream crossed the road. A simple footbridge took me over the stream and I crossed the lane again to scramble through the hedge to another well remembered field. This was where over 25 years previously I had taken some photographs of myself including some leaning against a hay bale which had excited my partner. I walked through the field, enjoying the sensation of sunlight kissing my body all over. Through another hedge was a weir where I sat and dangled my feet in the water as I sunbathed. Then I went down to the pool at the foot of the weir to bathe and enjoy the refreshing water. Emerging wet through and shrunken, I went back to the open field and walked some more to dry off before exciting myself to a hard state and walking around with a stiffie pointing out in front of me. On my way back to the road I heard a couple of motorcycles rumbling down to the ford and stop. Pausing to re-clothe, I emerged through the hedge and made towards the footbridge and then to the layby. I like to get my suntan in small doses but all over my body.
DewiNatural DewiNatural
51-55, M
Sep 2, 2013