The Pervert Oyster

It is certain we will get some attention! I am almost always bareassed, and I do shave my pubis so you can imagine some in the audience look at me rather intensely. Haha!

There is nothing wrong with nudity, it is very enjoyable on a number of counts. I enjoy the freedom of mind it gives me, I feel emancipated from all the assumptions about me that people can make of me when I am dressed. It is also challenging to those assumptions. I can be wild so I will be free.

Sometimes I take off my panties after our first set, but mostly I go out from the first bared and the audience reaction spurs us on to play with an intensity of purpose. It feels right to me to be so exhibitionist, it just does! I love the feelings I get, and I know I get very wet standing naked with my guitar in hand.

Every gig is new. Whether we are in Toulouse, or travelling further afield. We have been in England also, at a private gig in a place called Croydon, which is near London.
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I must agree. I to love being naked in public, but in a very sexual way. I must have a hard-on in public, and see their reactions. boy that makes me more crazy then ever. I'm a true exhibitionist!

Sounds like fun, and it is certainly one way to guarantee a cult following of guys!

I don't know what it is... Or why for years I've had vivid dreams of living in society naked... In my dreams no one says anything or complains it all seems so normal. In real life I know I feel more comfortable with less clothes.

Reminds me of a particular scene in "Forrest Gump" where Jenny is singing nude at a ***** bar full of drunk guys. Haha.

"***** bar"? Is that 'Christian slang' for what others would call a ***** club? :D

No, that's Texas regional dialect. The official business name may say cabaret, ***** club, or gentlemen's club, but everyone calls them "***** bars."

Has your nudity on stage ever caused problems, e.g. the police ended the concert or your band had to pay a fine?

Hi there, you sound like loads of fun, please consider adding me as a friend

Nothing new here.<br />
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I have never seen a band perform nude onstage. Sounds like quite a trip.<br />
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So I'll ask the obvious ... any youtube vids?

I'm the only one completely nude. The guys are dressed.

LOL! ... Is that a 'no' on the youtube vids then?