An Exceptional Night (wearing Bodypaint)

Each concert/gig we give wherever we are we try to record the details of it. We use Seth's iPod for the sounds (he has several gig's recorded now but as yet won't let us use them, like add ourselves to YouTube or anything, still don't understand why not!) and Albequer-que takes photos. Last night'#s gig at a small venue not more than two hundred metres from where we live was EXCEPTIONAL!

It's a very intimate venue, small, and compact, and the audience seemed crammed in, and around us. The sound system had been worked on since the last time when we had a microphone breakdown, so we just went for it! The most of the sound last night was a reggae-based rock sound, we weren't too jazzy, as Hippo had been tweaking the Moog so there was a new element to what we performed.

Earlier in the evening while I was EP'ing with friends here, Zeus (our tall Mauretanian bandmate) helped me get bodypainted. He was very deliberate and dedicated in how he painted me, lots of black paint arranged about my body to give an effect. And it was effective as well, the audience loved how I looked on stage, and afterwards when we socialised with as many as we could in the little room out back where we had our stuff. I wore a cloaking coat to walk the short distance to the venue, but the guys played fools and hid my coat for the aftershow walk home! It was cold!

We performed three new songs we have been working on, and Hippo and I feel they are almost there now.
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2012

Excellent. Best of luck for the future. Body paint is brill. I was at an exhibition in London a couple of years ago and there were a couple of ladies walking round covered in body pain (blue). It took me a while to realise that they were actually naked. It was amazing!

i'm a photographer and have been taking pics of musicians since i first started. a lot of my friends are musicians so it was only natural for me to start there.<br />
<br />
anyway, i'm sitting here wondering what my pics would be like if i shot one of your live gigs :))

I would have loved to see you perform wearing only body paint! Must have been quite the show!!