The Naturalist Bookclub

I just recently was asked to join a small, yet interesting book club, one in which the members are nudists. My friend Eliot recommended me to his friends.There are 8 members noe that I've joined. Only two are a couple, Jeff and Georgia. The others are a mixed bag. As Eliot tells it Mick is gay,Becky, Cindy and Kat are straight women. The once a month get together is like any book club, we read a book during the month preceding, then get together and discuss, except we're all in the nude. We meet at Kat's house, she is a divorcee in her early 70's the oldest member in the group. Becky is youngest about mid 40's. The rest except for me are all in their 50's. I really enjoy this group and being an avid reader I find great stimulation here. I also find enjoyment in seeing all the members naked and of course I always love being seen.
Emily301 Emily301
36-40, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

Sounds like a great idea.