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Last summer my wife and I once again went to the Conches Lake in New Mexico. We camped way back in the back waters where there was privacy. In this area, there are a lot of huge rocks in and out of the water. We have caught some huge bass,croppie and cat between the rocks along the banks there. My wife and I were naked, had folding chairs and poles set up on this large flat rock that protruded from the bank. The water was 30 ft deep there. It was hot. We ran out of cold beer. I told my wife I'd go back to camp to get some water and more beer. The camp was on top of a 20 foot bank. I followed the trail up to camp. I filled the small igloo with cold beer, water and some snacks. When I got back to where we were fishing, no wife. I looked all around and didn't see her. I called for her and she didn't answer. I looked in the water and didn't see her. Thought maybe she went for a swim. I was about to panic, when I saw just around the bank, a huge consternation of large rocks and just got the glimps of a red shirt. I was nude, but way in my rights in that part of the lake. I walked over there and found my nude wife with a ten year old boy in a red shirt and blue jeans. She was showing the boy how to bait his hook and to flip the float and hook between the rocks without getting hung up. She was totally naked, and the boy didn't seem to notice as he was very involved in learning how to fish. I found out later, the boy didn't know how to fish and was getting his line hung and most of all he wasn't catching anything. He saw my wife and asked her if she could help him. She took him into the rocks and began showing him how to rig up his rod for the rocks, properly bait it, and how to gently toss it between the rocks. He cought several perch before he landed a 2 pound bass. Someone began calling him from the opposite flat top bluff to come and eat. It was lunch time. They couldn't see us or us them for we way down deep in the rocks. The boy yelled he was coming. He grabbed his pole and fish, thanked my wife and said he'd be back. About 30 minutes later, we were back at our folding chairs fishing when we heard the damnest commotion behind us coming from the rocks. We turned and looked and eight boys ages 8 year old to 10, where running up to us all excited. It seems there is a Christian home in Portales New Mexico that cares for homeless boys, and they had brought some of them for an outing to Conches lake. They wanted to learn to catch big fish like the other boy. So my wife got up (still naked) and took the boys where the other boy caught his bass. The boys didn't seem to notice she was naked. I went along to mostly be sure she didn't get in over her head in this situation. Well long story short, it was a beautiful sight watching this tall naked grown woman among these clothed young boys, teaching them how to fish. Wasn't long till the boys had it down and were just squealing with happiness catching all kinds of fish, little and large and my wife showing them how to take them off the hook and put them on stringers. All of them were having a blast. My wife was laughing so hard at them and me at her. The boys were so sweat and well mannered. They never once tried to touch my wife in appropriatly. They acted as if they didn't know she was naked, but hey couldn't help but stare at her bare *** when she bent down in front of them to pick something up but who wouldn't. I moved her folding chair to the rocks so she could sit down. The boys fished for about 3 hours before someone called them on the opposite bluff to come in because it was time to go. The boys griped and groaned but they quickly grabbed their stuff. Each one of them kissed my wife on the cheek and thanked her. They said they had never had a better time. Then they dissappeared into the rocks and we never saw them again. I was amazed at how beautiful it was to watch my wife nude with those boys and no twisted thoughts of her nudity seen among the boys, just innocent joyful fun catching fish under a beautiful New Mexico blue sky on a calm warm day like the good Lord intended..
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Isn't it wonderful when things work out as they're supposed to? Your wife was very kind and the boys responded naturally!

It sure is. A very rare occasion.

indeed... all good and as it should be... it is amazing that no one intruded from the home, and also that all the boys kept most of their focus on the fish all afternoon...lol

thanks for sharing this worthy and memorable encounter... and thanks to your casual and very effective style, ive suddenly got a strong warm visual of ur tall naked wife among the dramatic sceney of rocks, lake and sky... a 21st century southwest evolution of a dickens' tale... pied piper as lady godiva tall and proud with magic rod...;)

Thank you. You are so kind.

A wonderful story of the innocence of children and it was such a natural occasion with no prudish caretakers in view to cause a fuss!

You are so right. I was very worried one of the adults might come down and cause a fuss. But thank God they didn't.