Nude First Chance I Get

The moment i get home from work or anything were i was obligued to be. I un clothe myself reach for a t-shirt that i have bought from a store that is several sizes to big and relax with a beam&coke with only a t-shirt on. The freedom of air running between my legs is what i like.

I can go to the toilet with out worrying about pulling my pants down, jack off with out pulling my pants down or whatever. And later go to bed like that.

peterluv2toss peterluv2toss
6 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I agree, nude is nude. If someone knocks at the door meet them nude. It is one way to get rid of unwanted visitors.

Actually, for me, I want to get naked -- not just undressed, but completely and totally nude without ANYTHING on my bod...birthday suit bare :) Jenn

beat the cold

Exactly, I love being nude, period.

i don't like to wear anything

Why the t-shirt?