I grew up in a conservative household where no one seemed to see anyone else nude.

I discovered a nude beach at 16. I was shy about taking my clothes off but guess what, it was an amazing liberation and confidence booster.

I spend most of time at home naked..


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I "discovered" being nude at an age a few years before sixteen and it was not by visiting a nude beach, but it was a revelation and confidence builder!<br />
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My brother and I were staying at my grandparents house and had been swimming in a make-shift (and mini) pool in the backyard which we affectionately referred to as the cement mixing tub (because it WAS a cement mixing tub!). Afterwards we went downstairs in the split-level home, took off our wet bathing suits and being wrinkled and water-logged were laughing about the "pruned" (wrinkled) skin on our fingertips and slightly shrunken OTHER body parts! I dared my brother to streak upstairs through the house and he DID it!<br />
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I guess we had not thought the entire process through because we clearly did not plan WHERE the other end of this impromptu streak would take us! My brother ran up the stairs, through the kitchen, out the garage door and then out the backdoor of the garage and onto a concrete sidewalk that led around the garage and back to towards the front of the house.<br />
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I followed him but stopped at the back garage door while my brother continued. As he reached the back corner of the garage he looked up and saw two neighbor girls across the street and they saw him completely naked!! If I recall correctly they were a little bit older than we were and we did not know them very well (teenage girls rarely mix with preteen boys), but there was no laughing, hollering or pointing! In fact, I think my brother waved at them before turning tail and running back into the house.<br />
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This was each of our first experience with GOING naked outside the bathroom and it was totally hilarious at the time; obviously because I still remember it to this day.<br />
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A few years later I experimented with going nude around my family at home in the evening while watching television, but they did not know I was nude because I kept covered with a "Comforter" (thicker bedspread) wrapped around my body until after they went to bed. This was all about the same time I experimented with sleeping nude and learned to LOVE going without pajamas! I guess I have to thank the same grandmother where this early "streak" occurred for inspiring an interest in nakedness because she used to encourage my brother and I to remove our underwear before putting on our pajama bottoms. I distinctly remember her saying this was because, "It is healthier for you." to sleep without underwear, and I now know she was definitely right.