Peaceful Morning

Got up early yesterday morning, made some coffee and grabbed the paper.  I sat out on my deck nude to read the paper.  I rarely do this.  Even though I've modified my deck to give myself some privacy, I can still be seen  by some of the neighbors.  But nobody was out.  It was very relaxing, even though it's still kind of cool.  The coffee helped keep me warm.   Just reading and listening to the birds.  A very peaceful morning.

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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

<b><i>my</i> deck is over the kitchen and i'm naked on it whenever i want.</b><br />
in warm weather, i host clothing-optional barbecues on it, and most of the attendees are naked.<br />
in "like to feel the cold wind on my naked body" (group number 940908), i posted a story about my experiences shoveling the deck.<br />
i may not do much entertaining on the deck this year though as i intend to have it remodeled, but don't know when yet.

Winter's grip held long and hard in our part of NC. Normally, it's wonderful paradise by now, but this year, we're still waiting. Today is the day though! It's going to be a great day.