Pegged X 2

I have enjoyed getting pegged by my wife since before we got married. A few years ago she began to make it clear that she wanted to explore new areas of our sex life by bringing in another woman or a couple. I thought it sounded pretty interesting. After a pretty thorough search, we found two other couples whom we see a few times a year. Actually, one time all six of us got together. Anyway, one of the two women came over recently. Her husband couldn't make it, but my wife reciprocated by playing with them a few days later at their place. It turns out that my wife's friend has always wanted to peg a guy, but her husband wasn't quite ready for it. That night, after she and my wife played around a little, I began going down on her while my wife put on her strap-on and got behind me. I was kneeling on the bed with my *** in the air and it was near the edge of the bed . . right at the perfect height for my wife to enter me. The feeling of having her **** me while I was going down on another woman was awesome. She pegged me for several minutes while her girlfriend watched her over my shoulder. I glanced up to see the expression on her face and could tell she was completely turned on. My wife and I agreed before the evening started that her friend could take a turn if she wanted to see how she liked it. So after my wife was finished, she made the offer and it was accepted. She put on her harness and ***** while I knelt down on the bed, leaning forward on my elbows. She eased her **** into me pretty easily since I was already loosened up. After she was all the way in, I told her to lean forward so that her breasts were on my back. Then I instructed her to make very short strokes by pumping her hips just a little so she could start getting into a bit of a rhythm. A few minute later, I told her to raise up and grab my *** and increase her stroke length, and she complied. We were working great together now. She got more and more aggressive as I threw myself against her. Her thighs were smacking against my *** so hard it almost sounded like there was an echo in the room. She kept that up for a several minutes until she was pretty tired out. I hadn't reached an ****** yet, but was so turned on that after she slid out of me, I grabbed my wife and threw her on the bed. I plunged into her and slipped my arms under her legs and cranked her knees back almost to her ears. I was pounding her like there was no tomorrow while her girlfriend straddled her face, which was just off the edge of the bed. My wife and I had an ****** at the same time while she was licking her girlfriend's *****. After it was over, I was feeling pretty satisfied. Never thought I would get pegged by two women in the same night. I wonder if going for three would be too much to ask?
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Great story. I have hinted that I like my wife to play with my wife and have even asked her to see how many fingers she could slide inside me but she doesn't try more than 2 fingers. She has slide a rather large ***** mostly up my *** but I just wished she would do this more often or even put a strap on on and **** me silly.<br />
<br />
Any good suggestions on how to get her more involved in my *** would be greatly appreciated.


licking your wife ***** while getting pegged by her freind that Is soo HOTTTTT nI envy you, enjoy spot maybe if you ask niicly it could become a regular happening? As long it was the girls idea they would relly be into it. ask your wife how she liked it? then get her to ask her friend to her it was hot watching her after you had been ****** by both of the ladies and you got top pound on her you were so into that.

I as well love getting pegged by my wife! Simply fabolous! She pegged me twice last weekend, that was a very nice surprise.

Outstanding story one is great two would be even better and three would be the ultimate fantasy.

Great story, three would be fantastic!