From A Womans Persective Please

Hi my Wife / Mistress Birthday is coming andup and I would really like to give her something special. I have been able to get to do me a few times with a strap on. But she has not really gotten anything at all our of the physical part of pumping my *** with the strap on. She usually ends up in a bad mood. I have read that some women can *** by wearing a strap on and peggign their man. If this is true a couple of questiosns.
i am thinking this is after a good bit of oral service to her honey pot so she is good and primed, I have usually helped her *** several times by my tongue.
Ladies would this be better from a Womens persective if this was then done after some serious oral pleasure for her and then penitration by her man, as a prelude to a 2nd go around for him. and several more for her. As My Mistress get s to *** several times before I enter her with my **** and **** her so we both can ***? any and all help, suggestions, would be greatly appricated as I really would like her to enjoy this as much as I do if not even more. Thanks to all that help I will keep you posted on my results. :)
scottie3 scottie3
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

That's for the tip munkiee I will suggest it next time for her once again thanks

It's called a vibrator in the ***** before you put the strap on on her