The Sensuality of Being Pegged....

First and foremost, for those wandering in, pegging, or the act of a woman using a ***** on her man's ***, does not mean the man is gay.  There are several other sites and info spreads available in reference to pegging, like the pegging resource. 

Initially I only fantasized about being pegged.  That all changed one afternoon many years ago when a date introduced her finger to my ***.  At first it freaked me out, I was all of 20y/o then.  She explained the art of milking the prostate, and ******* on command...her command!  After much deliberation and coercing, I agreed and actually enjoyed it.  It was several years before conducting any further exploration of my ***.  When I met my partner, we had enjoyed many a conversation of sexual nature, one happening to be her massaging my prostate, and one day she finally said **** it and tried it.  I had sent her plenty of literature on the subject to help her feel comfortable with it as well as preparing with appropriate lube etc.  Well, it didn't take long for her to feel good giving me anal pleasure, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Not long after that, I happen to stumble upon strap-on femdom sites!  Wow, there are some awesome video's of this activity, but like most things in the **** world, this is definitely in the taboo realm, something you don't go into work and discuss with your boss etc.  I was VERY turned on with several of the sites products, one in particular was Strapontryouts!  Although most strap on sites carry the male as total submissive, being pegged is not purely dom/subs, there is the underlying tone sure, but not always.  I will add that when being pegged is combined with the domination by my partner, it is that much more erotic!

We began our play with a simple finger, and somewhat off the premise that if I want to **** her in the ***, then its only fair for her to **** me in the ***, I was obviously game :)  We have had several rounds of pegging, and each time it has been absolutely 100% enjoyable by both her and I.  I have managed to work my way from her finger (what danty little fingers she has) to her entire hand/fist (a testimate to ability to stretch in manners previously thought not so likely) and depth wise I have managed to anally swallow an entire black Rambone *****, quite a feat considering I am only 69" ~160lbs.   One of my previous favorite toys was the Man rammer, giving her a nice handle, looking much like a nightstick/baton.  She hasn't been the most comfortable wearing the ******* harness, so manually ramming my tight *** was a compromise.  Somewhere along the way, I would yearn for more, and thus convinced her to work at using her entire hand, plenty of lube and on the second night we attempted, success!

The actual penetration is erotic in itself, but when the stimulation of the prostate begins, it is greatly amazing.  As much so is partly because it is so taboo, and then when she does get into it...the dominating power can be mezmorizing for her and absolutely enjoyable for me (if only she enjoyed being dominate more often :) :)  ).  There are moments while being pegged that I am steadily oozing my man butter as my *** is being rammed, where the excitement has built up so much that I simply would fail at containing my ****** for any respectable period of time. 

I have several stories I could rant on about, but there really is a lack of open discussion on this topic.  I wanted to throw this out there, confess if you will, and see what becomes of this topic.

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Funny Experience - I recently went in for a routine physical exam, accompanied by my loving wife. My doctor recently expanded his practice, adding a number of staff and other doctors. When I made the appointment, the nurse asked if I minded seeing one of the new doctors, a female. I agreed. Since it was a complete physical, the nurse had me ***** down and put on one of those ridiculous gowns. The new doctor is young, quite attractive, and very outgoing; I was impressed. We completed the normal stuff without incident and as the new doctor was reviewing my history, she noted that it had been over a year since they had examined my prostate. she proceeded to roll me over on my stomach on the table, commenting that she assumed that I would not have a problem with her doing it. I submissively went along with the program. I must admit that her technique is somewhat smoother and less intrusive than her boss'. She noted that my prostate was somewhat enlarged, turned to my wife, and suggested, to my dismay, that it would be helpful if, on occasion, she would manually message my prostate during sex, and then asked her if she knew how to do that. My wife replied that she did, and then, to my complete surprise, asked if it was o.k. to use the prostate messager vibrator that we have. Then, while I was still prone on the examining table with my bare butt up in the air, the two of them launched into a discussion of the specifications of the vibrator, proper technique both inside and out, and use of lubricant, all the while using me as an anatomy teaching tool. It was a bit disconcerting to say the least. When they were done with the discussion and me, the doctor told me I could get dressed, which I did but not without displaying the erection I was experiencing due to the nature of the discussion. The doctor candidly commented that I did not seem to be suffering from ED difficulties which, at that moment, was true. As she left the room, her parting shot was, “You guys have fun!” I like open-minded doctors.

Pegging is not necessarily indicative of being homosexual! It is a legitimate form of sex play. It is also therapeutic for men suffering from enlarged prostate problems.

Bravo Darling. <br />
Thank you for sharing you sexy thing you.<br />

Tiger, I absolutely understand your position with your partner. I of course was in the same place before, and it did take some time for things to come around. All I can say is, a mutual partnership, understanding and ability to communicate are essential, and getting that special someone to watch video's of this sensual act, reading of etc., may help greatly. <br />
Before I left for Iraq, I was able to get things much more relaxed, including the use of a video camera, larger toys etc... Good Luck.