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After a long time today, I gave myself a BJ, I suck my own **** and swallowed my *** was so nice...I loved it... I used to do it very often some 4 to 5 years back...when I was younger and still flexible. Today I decided that I should give it a go again...and wow...I loved it...
Roanlyd Roanlyd 36-40, M 15 Responses Aug 14, 2011

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would love too suck it oh love too see some pics

Wow, I would love to be able to give myself a BJ. I would suck my own **** everyday. You have to be really flexible to do this. Much like a gymnist. I've had wet dreams of sucking myself off.

me too wish I could but cant so I suck others mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

u can suck mine

Way to go, good for you (well, GREAT for you)! Nothing like seducing yourself. I fantasize about it a lot myself, but so far all I could do was write a fictional story about it: it's in the group, "I Wish I Could Suck Myself" (search for 575653, and look for Title = Narcissus). But thanks for sharing your true, and inspiring, story. And then you did it again this past October?! You dog!

Hmmm just did it again nice...

I have Skype love too see it.

You must be very flexible i tried it when i was a teenager and could only get the head of me **** in

Had the same problem,this guy is very talented

I use to be able to do that when I was 1/2 my current age. A nice pleasure which I wish I could do now

You lucky dog! Wish I could be so flexible

Please, please, please take a photo. Or film it. And let me post it on tumblr. That is a truly amazing feat. :-D

Just did it again....was Soooo gooood...

I'd love to be able to suck my own ****. I'd do it every other day if I could.

wow talanted

you are very you find yourself wanting more ...maybe from someone else...

I wish... be so young and flexible "wood" be so very exciting!!!! Presently...I just make my sweet cu**ies into a cup, then dip some onto my fingers and have a tarty taste !!!! YUMMZZZZZ !!!!!

You really have a way with adjectives!! Make it sound so exciting, YUMMZZZZZ!! Oh yes, it is exciting.

cool wish I could enjoy myself that way :-)

have one already...