Touch By...

Just a touch of his hands. Feeling his sensuous lips pressing down my neck sends a chilling and unforgettable pleasure of delight. His whispering my name in my ear sounds sweet and divine. He turns me around while we dance the night away to another dimension of seduction.The feeling isn't right, but I don't even care at this moment.

 I love when a man just take charge and show his true self slowly and patiently letting me view whatever I need to see and experience.

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7 Responses Jul 28, 2012

Love this!!!!

seems to be poetic..
do u like poetry?

Yes I do like poetry..:)

then i would like u to read mine....but u r private n hidden :P

very nice, you put it well, i agree

I like it.
not all men can show their love in such way.

Some of us know and appreciate women that will scope us out take the time to make it more rich and intense. Its great to be a part of. Thanks for sharing

I don't think you're alone by a long shot - I've been married for 32 years and I find my wife enjoys that often - I am pretty sure it's all part of our make up - seduction is good - thanks for sharing your story

touch, words, whispers and kissing in special places isallfun<br />
but the sad parts is most do not want to take the time to learn from the other

So true.. I do agree, but sometimes just showing and feeling explains itself..

very true