I love when this happens. And it happens often......

Im woken by fingers fondling me. Still in a daze but so completely aroused. You already have my legs spread open, one leg draped over your hip. And you lay on your side and play in my wetness. (We sleep naked) Your moving slow and then fast building me up. I just woke up, I don't want to come yet. So I reach my hand down to stop you and slowly pull my legs closed. You slap my hands and grab my leg and yank them open. That's enough to make me go right there! Sometimes you postion me in a way I can not move. Having only one leg free most times. And moving that will result in a slap to my inner thigh or *****. Sometimes I think I move just for the fight. Other times I just want to play longer. You almost never finish the same. Sometimes on our sides as you hold me tight. Flip me over on my stomach (my fav!) Climbing on top. Sometimes it's just for you and sometimes it's for us.

I love love love waking up this way!! And then how sometimes you make me go back to sleep for a few more hours.

I remember our talk about done women hating this. From an article I read. The felt it disgusting and used. And the husbands and boyfriends where trying to find ways to have fun without them waking up. I can wrap my head around that. How could a women marry a man and then tell him no? Especially to sex! You said "poor guys" lol.

When I said "I do". It was not just to obey and love and cherish you. I gave you my entire self. My heart, soul and body. To do as you wish. Because I know in my heart you would take that seriously.

Please don't stop using my body for your pleasure. Whenever, whatever and wherever you want. I'm yours for the taking!!

I love you Sir.
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Aww thanks. Check out my other stories. I have many more :)

I will

I agree. That's the way it should be. Your husband obviously loves you and still wants you and this is probably at least a small part of why he does. I love hearing stories like this. You are both very lucky to have that kind of relationship :)

Thank you. 15 years strong!

Beautiful!! Lucky sir...!!!

I think I'm the lucky one ;)

So many typos. Sorry :( (I can't wrap my around that)