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Waking Up to An ******....

 my most delicious, incredibly seductive experience.... i met him through some friends, and had had a big fight with an ex.  he walked me home and i was so upset - offered to stay....  i did not intend to do anything with him, but let him hold me in his arms the whole night... 

in the morning i woke up to this intense fiery ****** - my whole body was on fire, he had managed to slip his hands around my big breasts whilst i was sleeping, and played with my nipples until i woke up, and then it was too late to push him away - as i was already coming....

tigerina tigerina 36-40 16 Responses Jun 6, 2009

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LOVE the mental image

That's how it should be . . .

Waking up while being ****** is the best a woman can dream of...especially since even after showering she will still smell like ***** all day and carry with her that JBF (just been ******) look that everyone will recognize, imagining all that happened in her nether regions that morning at dawn...From a male side, I love the vanilla smell of her rectum on my **** all day...vaginal smells don't last as long after the shower.

As I already said, nothing more beautiful than gentle seduction and sex with a lot of lust...

Wow, you can come just from your nipples been played with? I used to wake my ex up by spooning and pressing my erection against her bum, holding her close and feeling our bodies slowly writhe together, and playing with her breasts and kissing her on her neck and up and down her spine, and once she started to wake and was really wet I would usually move down and lick her **** to bring her to a climax... but nipples alone is pretty amazing!

thats hot...
heat producing...

good experienced


i like

Wow. That's hot.

that's a good way to wake up.

I've heard this is possible for a woman. It's nice to hear it's really true. What a way to come to; in the morning or anytime.

A man after my own heart... gotta love waking up wet! The mere thought of it and reading your experience is such a turn on! Yum!

WOW, he has the magic touch :) lucky lady. ;)

for real, no imagination at all!