Before I was 13, I never thought much about being shirtless; I was only shirtless at the pool and at the beach.

Everything changed when I was 13 because I went away to boys' boarding school. In the dorm at the school, all the boys went shirtless, so I did as well. It was quite exciting to be shirtless in the dorm; it felt cool and naughty since I hadn't done it before. Being shirtless was a great way for the boys at the school to bond and to express masculinity.

The school had boys from grades 3-12, and they all went shirtless for sports and in the dorm. I saw how much fun the younger boys had being shirtless and wished that I could have gone shirtless at their age. For my five years at the boarding school, I was always shirtless in the dorm and for sports, and I absolutely loved it. I also started going shirtless at summer camp and at home on my breaks from school.

Now, I'm in college, and I go shirtless at home as well as in the college dorm. Most of the other boys on my hall also go shirtless in the dorm. I think that all boys should experience what it's like to go shirtless because going shirtless is so much fun and gives boys more confidence.

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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I agree, all boys should be encouraged to go shirtless and experience how good and natural it feels. Growing up, I was shirtless A LOT and always loved it. Even on those occasions when I was nervous or hesitant, I was lucky since I always had someone to tell me that it was OK and that I should be shirtless as much as I wanted. Now I'm an adult, I still love going shirtless and always will.

I'm living barefoot and shirtless 24/7 and it rocks