My cousin is 13 years old, and I taught him to go shirtless. After our first time swimming this summer, I didn't change back into my shirt. He asked if I lost mine, and I told him it's cool for boys to be shirtless. I was shirtless while we were driving home, and he finally had the nerve to take off his shirt.

We enjoyed hanging out shirtless for the rest of the summer. It was super fun! We were shirtless in the car, in the house, and outside.

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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I am 15 and almost 16 and you will only catch me shirtless by accident. I am fat and don't like to show my body

hehe thanks, but not in front of family, i have been so used to hiding for like 7 years now, so i don't think i will

This sounds like a great way for your cousin to get comfortable with going shirtless. I think you did him a real favor. I was in high school when I first got comfortable with going shirtless. In gym class we had to go shirtless a lot. I didn't like it at first, but the more we did it the more I liked it. By my senior year I really wanted to be a "skin" when we played "shirts and skins" basketball.

Good to see your cousin getting started at a younger age !!