Birthday Party

I've been the only person naked amongst a small crowd so many times now it's hard to count them, i was the only one naked at my neighbours barby for seveal years on the trot, and i once cleaned out an old swimming pool naked in front of 3 women, and in my late teens and early 20s when i went camping with my friends in the dune near where i used to live, i'd often be the only one who want nude, and their have been many more occations too numerous to mention, but this one springs to mind for the shear number of people i was naked in front of.
About 7 years ago a couple of gay friends of mine invited me to one of their birthday party's, they had a good size flat in Kemp Town in Brighton, and i was invited to stay the night with them, and would help them clean up after the party.
However they forgot to tell me that it was a fancy dress party, so i didn't have a costume to wear that night, and by then all the hire shops had closed, jokingly i said it's alright, i'll come as Adam only without the fig leaf, Paul, my friend who's party it was, and knew of my fondness for nudity said that would be fine as he knew most people would be dressed sexily anyway, and wouldn't be surprised if a few other Adam's didn't turn up as well, only with a fig leaf.
In the event i was the only Adam at the party which had about 70 or 80 people there, the nearest anyone came to my nudity was a couple of Tazan's, other costumes included a couple females dressed as Zena warrior princess, several men dressed as tarts, a couple of Nun's in very short habits, including one who forget his underwear, and a couple of Roman soldiers equally without underwear, but no Adam's with or without fig leaves, but it was a great party and no one minded my nudity.
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I admire your courage. Being the only one nude is a fantasy I have had a long time. I'm not often in a place where going nude would be legal, and I want a happy experience doing this, not a trauma. But I'm so timid about this that I talk my way right in to remaining clothed at the last minute. How do you talk yourself into it. Or are you just a person who has no hesitation anyway?

Really hot story. How did you feel at the party? Did you ever find yourself getting erect? How would the guests have reacted to that. I've only been naked in a crowd where everyone is naked and the tendency to get erect is just almost nil. But going NMCM at a part would be something else.