I Tied Up My Boyfriend

Just a few days ago, I tied up my boyfriend for the first time.

In the past, we had had tickling sessions, but he always won as he was stronger than me. So I propositioned the idea of a handicap. First, I mentioned that he should lose one hand. He said this would be easy, so I suggested he lose both. The idea was that he had to tell me that I had won, or I had to admit that he had won.

So, almost as soon as we woke up one morning, we started kissing, and I mentioned our tickling competition. He was in agreement, and let me tie his hands behind his back. It was really amazing, he let me tickle him for a long while, all the time laughing and wriggling about. Then we began to kiss.

I could feel that he was getting hard, so I suggested that we have sex, but that I wouldn't untie him. The sex that followed was really amazing.

After sex, we lay on the bed, and he told me that he was not going to admit that I had won. I told him that I wouldn't untie him unless he did. I teased him some more, and by this point, he had been tied up for nearly two hours. He told me that he would stay tied up all day rather than tell me I had won.

Eventually, I untied him, but we are going to have a rematch soon, and next time, I won't give in so easily. I will tie him to the bed and see what happens.
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7 Responses Jun 13, 2010

To have girlfriends like u r my dream..

Can you have a tickling competition where there's only one competitor? It still sounds like fun.

All I could think was...what about his legs!!! I know what i would do if i had my legs free!!!

I hadn't thought of that - it'd be you that'd need the handicap!<br />
<br />
You'd probably break the restraints.

lol...I would definitely win...you know me when i am being tickled!!! VERY violent!!!

This sounds like fun :) Tickling - what an evil torture...

wow! what a lucky guy.