Delicious Tension

Feels like ages since the last time I was tied up and blindfolded. I remember it well cause he tongued, fingered and rubbed me until I was a massively frazzled ball of sexual tension. I have no idea how many times I came, but after each time I quickly got up to that same point he had me back moments ago. I honestly can't say I remember everything cause frankly I wasn't quite right in my own mind after about 20 minutes? of constant stimulation, climax and stimulation again.
I was very sore then next morning from struggling against the ropes, but God I would love to be back there again.
MissSarahAnne MissSarahAnne
26-30, F
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Well Miss Sarah Anne, if you ever make it to the Fort Worth area, find me and we can have a lot of fun tying each other up. Hope you can stay for a long time because it may take a while to release all the tension in your body and mine.

Woderfull story, I love making women have forced ******* and there are a lot of women who enjoy being tied for sex. Is it ok if i mail you a true story ?

There's nothing as stimulating as having no responsibility for what happens to you. Have you experienced Japanese rope harnesses or similar? Were you closer, I'd be happy to get you back to that place of delerium ;-)

Oh I love being tied up. The rope just excites me. I feel tender and sensitive and vulnerable and horribly horny when I am tied up, and it does not matter how. Even just hands tied behind my back, would make me feel extremely sexy, not to talk about being tied to the bed legs apart. Blindfolds just add to this, there is nothing like being blindfolded for a long time!<br />
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Love, H

Care to talk to me again? Please

Nude, with my hands crossed over my head with soft straps w/buckles. My legs were also tied to the sides, but loose enough to be moved around

Thank you ServeMisstressP, you write, umm very well, yourself.<br />
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The answer is both. At first I wanted to maximize the contact as he teased me towards my first ******, trying to make it happen. But as it went on, I found myself wanting it to slow down or stop so I could recover, but he wasn't letting that happen. I was finding myself climaxing and then never really coming back down and then climaxing again a minute or less later. I'm sure I was completely unintelligible towards the end as I begged him to stop, which of course he didn't cause he had my vibe to take over when he got tired or cramped.<br />
I know I struggled and thrashed, and screamed. But I'm so glad he pushed me. I'll never forget it.

Ahh, to be tied up. What could be more liberating than to be bound helpless and blindfolded just waiting to throw yourself into fully experiencing the next unseen sensation .....anticipation..... and the next.

Mmmmm...what a wonderful sight that would be -- you, tied down and blindfolded, your legs spread wide, the soft skin of your inner thighs glistening from the wetness he's coaxed from you...your body repeatedly tensing against your bonds as you ***, then collapsing back, exhausted, before he roughly fingers you to life again...and the sounds you make, raw, animal moans that tell him you will die if he doesn't stop, and die if he does...<br />
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But the question, My orgasmic friend, is were you struggling against the ropes to move away from his hand...or to push yourself harder against it?<br />
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You are amazing...