A Pet Puppet's Dream To Satisfy Him

You can see the puppet is blindfolded and is on it's hands and knees with the rope attached to both sides of its' snug collar keeping it from moving very far..... it keeps it's head still and mouth hungrily open as the next **** pumps another load of *** into the mouth... it swallows and smiles - lifting its' ***** a little to accommodate another man's body sliding underneath it - He presses his long hard **** up into it's ****... It sinks down on the shaft of his **** and begins to ride it up and down - dripping ***** juice and a trail of several loads of *** down the shaft of his ****. The puppet has no idea who is ******* it's **** but it begins to rub it's dirty swollen **** back and forth on his slippery ****... It feels another cockhead brush across it's lips and it opens it's mouth wide open. The second **** enters the puppet's mouth and he begins to **** it's throat... pushing farther... tighter.... bumping his balls against it's chin..... it's throat tights up around his **** and squeezes it as the **** pumps his whole length in and out of it's wet hot mouth.... 2 holes are filled and the puppet wants more ....it's *** is up in the air waiting for you to **** it - you can see the tight pucker of it's *** twitch in as the huge **** plows in hard making it wimper and pant... You stand above your puppet watching it's **** plunge the whole way down onto the hot throbbing **** underneath it and it's face getting ****** hard, your **** is hard and you bring your hand down hard on the puppet's ***. This lets it know you're ready to **** it's ******* and it holds still as you rub your **** on the edges of it's wet ***** - you put the head of your **** in the crack of it's *** and start rubbing it in... slow at first ... going a little deeper - a little harder at each pass.... it moves back a little to get more **** in it's *** and you plunge forward plowing in with one hard stroke... hearing the puppet scream around the **** in it's mouth... you start to **** it.... Spanking it's *** as you plunge in..... alternating with the rhythm of the other ***** plugging away at it's watertight holes... It rides the **** underneath it til he **** forcefully inside the puppet's ****. Your **** is hard and hot and tight rubbing inside the puppet's *** and you can feel it start to squeeze your **** as you pull it in and out.... the **** in it's mouth starts to splash *** into it's mouth as you let go. You wildly pound it's ***, lifting it's knees up off the other softening **** as you release a huge load into it. It's ***** begins to throb around your **** as it tightens up and *** flows from it's ***** .... it swallows the next load of *** in it's mouth .. you hold your **** inside it as it smiles and waits for the next **** to step up....

Lllemondrop Lllemondrop
41-45, F
May 23, 2012