Self Bondage Gone Wrong

One time I tied myself up in my basement with my ankles tied to the support beam of the house. my wrists were tied behind my back and my upper arms were tied to my chest side by side. I spent about an hour struggling and loved every second.I placed a pair of scizzors not too far but with my ankles anchored to the support beam I could not reach the scizzors.

Then, I began to feel the rope around my torso begin to slide down my chest and around my stomach. There were about 10 loops of rope and one after the other they slid down to my wrists and try as i might to get the ropes back up to my torso, I could not. So, I decided to go to plan B and simply slide the rope down and around my legs and just enjoy the rest of my bondage. Only one problem. The rope seemed to get tangled with the rope binding my wrists. Before I knew it my wrists were pinned tightly to my lower back with ropes wound around my stomach. My escape plan had always been to slide my wrists under my butt and between my legs i would untie the rope with my teeth. However, with my wrists pinned to my back I would need a new escape plan.

I was stuck. I didn't know what to do. I struggled frantically to reach the pair of scizzors but my ankles were tightly anchored to the support beam. The more I struggled the tighter the knots became.

To make a long story short I managed to untie my ankles with my teeth. I was able to criss-cross my ankles to bring them closer to my mouth and after about an hour of pulling the loosening the rope with my teeth I was able to find the knot and eventually undid it with my teeth. My wrists were still helplessly bound behind my back but I was still able to snip the rope with the scizzors once I was able to reach them.

I'll never forget this experience as long as I live. It could've been a lot more interesting if I had decided to gag myself but...another day :)

BondageSlave89 BondageSlave89
2 Responses Oct 15, 2012

Would someone else have eventually come home and found you if you hadn't escaped? I would have been stuck, I always gag myself tightly.

the funny thing is i usually gag myself tight too. i was locked in a room in a basement so it would've been some time before someone found me.

Well at least there was that chance. Could have turned out pretty bad i you lived alone. Maybe next time try the keys in a block of ice trick

i've been in tight situations like this plenty of times and i've always escaped :) i'm a master with ropes lol

I bet you are a little bit more carfull with your escape plans now that happend. I am glad you were able to get free others wise you could have been there for a long time.