Tied Down

I love the feel of being trapped, no moving no escape. I love being teased mercilessly where I have no room to squirm. I must not know my own strength when I'm in the full heat of arousal, I've broken several of my restraints. *blush*
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26-30, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

(1) Sitting in a chair, wrists tied behind your back, ankles spread and tied. Painful thumps and sucking to your hard nipples. Violent, hard punches implode your belly. A finger roams between your legs. A taser will be touched to each areole, extremely hardening them. Electricity will flow through your bellybutton then finally the taser will be pressed between your legs. Your belly will be heaving from the strong electrical shocks. (2) Wrists tied above your head, stretching your concave belly. A mouth sucking and fingers thumping your areoles get your attention. Punch after hard punch slams into your stretched, exposed belly. You grunt with each blow. Now your eyes roll and you softly moan as a finger presses into your sex between your legs. (3) Tied spread eagle, your areoles are painfully thumped, pulled and sucked on. A sharp object is repeatedly jabbed into your bellybutton. A tongue will lick then an 11" vibrator will slide between your legs. Your belly quivers as your climax approaches.

how good you been tied up I thank you need duct tape

Teased and teased