Walking Invitation Part 1

This is a work of fiction, something that I thought up one day as I repeatedly walked in a nearby neighborhood for my lunchtime exercise.
It was a bright sunny day and it was lunchtime. I had been sitting at my desk for hours now working my butt off. I could see outside the beautiful Southern California sunshine and I ached to be able to get out for my lunchtime walk.
I usually walked after a small lunch snack for about 40 minutes in the nearby neighborhood. I was trying to stay healthy during this So Cal winter when everyone else was getting the Flu. I thought by eating right and exercising I could do just that.
Well, this day I had no idea the kind of exercise I was going to get. It was now 11:55 and I was changing my dress shoes out for my walking shoes. I got my MP3 player out and I quickly downed my light healthy snack of fruit and protein. I was rearing to go today.
Once outside, I was greeted with warm balmy weather and light breeze blowing. I had my ear buds in and the music was timing me up for my walk. I crossed the parking lot and street and entered the high middle class neighborhood that began with Nicely done condos and further on beautiful singly family homes. The grass was green and well maintained in every yard.
It was quiet here at that time of day. Most everyone was at work and the kids were at school, usually. Well this day, unbeknownst to me, was going to be different in a number of ways. Looking back I am very happy the way things turned out.
I was walking along and really getting into the music and hitting my stride when suddenly to my disappointment, my battery in my player died. Damn this was going to be a boring walk. I put my player away and kept on going. I was taking in the sunshine and nice breeze and minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear yelled quiet loudly, “Hey you. On the street. Where’re you goin?”
I was startled and began looking around not knowing where that came from. I scanned the area and could not find anyone around. Then I hear it again, “Hey”. I spun around and still no one could be seen. Then I hear giggling and “Up here window to your right on the second floor.” I look to my right and up and lo and behold, a sight I never expected to see, a torso and a pair of nicely shaped pair of breasts framed by the window slightly obscured by the screen. But, they were there none-the-less. Then I hear, “Like what you see?” and then she was gone.
Disappointed I stood there for a few seconds and then started on my again. Then I heard a door open and that same sweet female voice, “We’re you going? I thought you might like a break. I see you walking everyday here. Want to come in for a nice cool glass of water or…” She said with a little lilt at the end and a big smile on her face. She was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and what appeared to be scarf around your ample breasts with no shoes.
I thought, “hey what the heck, a change of pace might be good for me and I’ll make a new friend.” I had no idea what kind of friend I would be making. However, in hindsight I should have suspected since she flashed me those gorgeous breasts and what she was wearing.
Needless to say, I accepted, walked back and up her walkway and into her house. It was clean and had a sweet and fresh aroma. Her perfume was subtle but effective. As I passed over the threshold of her home she reached out and touched my upper arm and kind of drew me close. She then kissed my cheek and patted and squeezed my bottom as I entered and said, “mmmmm nice and firm. Just the way I like it.” Of course I kind of jumped a little when she squeezed my cheeks and she giggle. She then invited me into her living room and asked me what I would like to drink or would I just prefer to see her bedroom.
I quickly accepted a glass of water AND a tour of her bedroom. She giggled again, took me by the hand and led me upstairs to the same room where she flashed me. It seemed all in one motion she led me in and removed the scarf around her breasts, grabbed my head and put my mouth on her nipple and said, “suck my ***” in deep husky voice.

If anyone is interested in reading the rest of this story I'll complete it.
Please let me know.
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Jan 22, 2013