My Self Bondage

Unfortunately, I've never had the pleasure of being tied up by someone else or tying someone else up. But i like to practice self bondage. My favorite way to tie myself up is to wrap a tape ball in a bandana and tie that into my mouth for a ball gag. Tie my legs together with a belt. Handcuff myself with furry hand cuffs, which I do with my hands on either side of my bathrobe tie, making my bathrobe tie like a waist chain. and I have an old bathrobe belt tied around the belt around my legs and the cuffs on my wrists to be a connecting chain.i'm actually tied up like this right now! I like to set rules for myself, and when I'm a bad boy and I break these rules, I punish myself by tying myself up! I love being tied up like this, but I miss out on the complete helplessness that comes from having someone else tie me up! 

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I like being tied up with rope for long periods of time I have been tied up by somebody else and want more and a nice feeling it was

You tie yourself up wearing night gear ! It's comfi for all the struggling you do when tied up !

How often do you get roped and gagged in your robe and slippers ?

You have a slipper fetish AND you like getting tied up too .... ! Soooo wish we were closer for a session together ! That combination of night wear and bondage is awesome !

I think your right!

I am in my late 50's and looking all of my adult life to fine a women that is into bondage. I dont think there is any women out there that is willing to tied gagged and made love to.

I have started using a count down timer which can be set for many hours and have a LED clock that keeps time.

Once upon a time long ago I tied myself to the bed. I figured out how to do a slip knot I couldn't get out of easily and did myself spread eagled with a scarf for a gag. Then I waited. and waited. Finally my wife came up, and checked the bondage out, made sure the knots wouldn't slip. She wasn't happy with the gag though, it was too loose. So she took off her wet panties and stuffed them into my mouth under the scarf and then proceeded to torture my ****. Not hard, she wanted to beable to use it; just flicking it with her finger She finally had enough of that and rode my **** until she came.<br />
Life was good back then.

You should endeavour to find someone or a fetish club / bdsm community like I am pursuing with utter conviction. Do it now and don't wait until you are older like me my friend. Any comments feel free.<br />
I am a world weary practitioner of soft / self bondage.