Boyfriend Tied My Hands, Let His Friends Feel Me Up

I was 16. My boyfriend had been having sex with me for about a year. We were drinking in his parent's basement with three of his friends. We were all quite drunk.My boyfriend bragged that I would let him do anything. His friends suggested that he prove it by me letting him tie my hands behind my back. I let him.

I was standing and they were taking turns giving me drinks. My boyfriend reached under my shirt and undid my bra. I laughed it off. His friend Steve felt my ****. Then Mark did and Jim too. My boyfriend bragged and they agreed they felt good. My boyfriend kissed me and felt me up. While doing so he undid my shirt and slid it back binding my arms more. My bra loosely covered my ****.

Steve pulled my bra down and felt my ****. The others all did. I had 8 hands rubbing me. Someone rubbed my crotch. Hand unbuttoned and unzipped them. Jim and Mark sucked my ****. Hands were in my pants. My boyfriend (I think) tugged my pants and panties down. Hands were all over me. My hands were untied.

I was pushed to my knees and my boyfriend pushed his **** in my face. I sucked it. The others took their ***** out. I alternated sucking them all. Steve came first followed by Mark and my boyfriend. They sat back and watched me suck Jim. When he came and I swallowed they all said I was awesome and how great my **** were and that my boyfriend was so lucky to have such a good **********.

My boyfriend's parent's car pulled into the driveway. I quickly pulled my clothes back on and ran to the bathroom. Good thing I did as I had some *** on my cheek.

Never did it with all of them again at once but I did suck each of them often for next two years till my family moved to another town.

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As a dom I use bondage regularly. Sounds like you are born to be a sub. Its great that you are able to enjoy you own sexuality.


I love being tied up and "molested". Let's me be a good girl while bad things are being done to me.

Since you sucked everyone and continued for some years, I suspect you liked it to. Does your husband know?

You are not alone, come and read my experience of ladies being tied during sex and see if you agree ? Not quite the same thing . . . . but what are your thoughts about being grabbed by 3,4 or 5 men at a house party and being dragged struggling into one of the bedrooms ?

Do you need so many men to drag me? I mean of course I am struggling, nice, proper virginal young ladies do not go quiet into that good night, sir. But four or five to drag a damsel of my size? I pale to think how weak these five must be.

While the poor helpless me who has been forced, perhaps even had her clothing ripped from her and most callously abused in the most degrading sexual manner and finally submitted and succumbed to your brutal and wanton assault, feels quite certain five shall prove to be a most inadequate number to fill my dance card properly. Might your numerals be missing a zed or two?

As a hostess, I dread the thought of guests saying my party was not lively and lacked entertainment. I do however expect my guests to be entertaining. I am sure five would never prove sufficient, at least in my experience.

Wonderful, so tongue in cheek, I like your sense of humor ;)

One word. "Wow".

damn i wanna be u in that same spot were u were

U are so lucky

yeah girl you are terriffic keep enjoying who you are.

Wonderful story! I like how you then played with each other later, too.

If you consent to that, that's up to you. But if you don't want that and guys have to drag you down against your will, that's rape. Ladies, get men who can respect you.

So, you think rape is a fun thing?

Very hot!

AWESOME story!!!

My boyfriend and some of his friends were hanging out at the park one night drinking. I thought we were leaving early. My boyfriend talked me into letting him cuff my wrists in front of me. It wasn't behind my back so I figured I'd so that for him. They began messing with me and eventually got me on my back with my arms secured above my head. I told them to let me go but the next thing I knew my shirt was over my head and my shorts slid past my ankles. I began yelling when my bra was removed and they each played with my pointy nipples. One boy covered my mouth with his hand hen suddenly my bikini panties were removed and shoved into my mouth as a gag. I became scared now becouse the way they acted, I didn't know them. My legs were spread wide and tied. I was nervous, scared and my body liked shut down. I calmed down and just laid there as I accepted the fact I had no control. They took turns painfully sucking on my nipples, eating me out and fingering me. When they untied me, I ran home. We broke up after that.

well done... cheers

did this really happen to you?....i had a really similar experience

Tell us about it

Great Story. . . . . Oh, you are going to love this . . . . Just as you come out of the bathroom at the party we grab you and ask if you want a bit of fun in the bedroom but you say no and pull to get free. Well we do, so tough. We half drag, half carry you to the bedroom as you shout out for help, but you can shout as much as you like, the music is too loud for anyone to hear your cries for help. The three of us get you on to the bed, flat on your back and despite your struggles we have you pinned down. Can't wait to get your top off and play with your **** so i put a hand up your top and have a quick feel before we sit you up and between us ***** you of your top and then as you beg us to let you go the clasp on your bra is released and as the staps are pulled down your arms you are topless for us to see, not bad eh? And once again you are flat on your back as we find a couple of ties from the wardrobe and soon we have both wrists secured to the corners of the bed. . . . want me to write some more ????

Wow, that sounds so hot!

A fantastic story!

To be 16 again! i must have been very sheltered or naive. i never would have thought of being that naughty at that age. i never thought the idea of bondage was all that sexy till my current wife told me she had this fantasy of being tied up and helpless. i read as much as i could to make sure i knew what i was doing and doing it safely. it turned out to be a huge turn on for me and now i get it!

wish I was there that day.. I would have taken advantage of the situation and slipped my hard **** into your *****, which I bet was warm and very wet...

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That is a very hot story, just came across it. Hope you are still enjoying your sex life to the fullest.

An ex boyfriend used to like trying my wrists to the headboard and then tease me for ages. He would start by kissing me then kissing my body and breasts but would avoid my nipples but lick very close to them, then he would kiss his way down to my thighs, he would touch my p**s*y very lightly and open my lips and tell me how wet i was, then he would kiss his way back up to my breasts licking all around my nipples getting closer and closer and then finally i would almost jerk into the air as at last his toungue made contact with my nipple. very soon the tempo would pick up and he would suck on one nipple, play with the other using his left hand and rub my p*s**y with his right hand. He would then go down on me and start to finger **** me at the same time, he used to make sure i was really wet and then he would bunch up three of his thick fingers and with a slow but determined action he would push his fingers as far as they would go into me making me produce all sorts of moans and grons of pleasure, after keeping my p**sy stretched untill i was quiet again he would remove his fingers and place them just at the entrance to my ***** just teasing me open and then removing his fingers, this was repeated untill again he would push all the way into me, making me moan for him. when HE was ready and the teasing was over he would now finger **** me at about a hundred miles an hour while rubbing my c**t with his other hand making me lurch from o*g*sm to org*sm to o*g*sm. My hips often rising up off the bed as the convulsion took control of my body. When i colud not come any more he would straggle my chest and give himself a t*t w**k and then get me to suck him before he would c*m on my face. He prefered finger f*ng***g me to actual f*cki**g, is that common ? . . . .One time just before we split up he had me tied up and had me very aroused when he let a friend in. When i told him to get rid of his friend he said no, he wanted his friend to see me having org*sms. An hour and reluctantly many org*sms later my boyfriend told his friend to " have a go" and he groped me for a while and then said " i really need a ****" and my boyfriend said "go on then". . . I told them to stop and struggled to get free but my wrists were tied too securely and my boyfriend grabbed my ankles and held them high and wide as his friend took off his pants and crawled between my open legs. my boyfriend started to give him instructions about teasing me, but his friend was not listening, he parted my lips with his fingers and pushed the head of his c*ck into me, it felt thick, it was thicker than my boyfriends, it was thicker than when my boyfrind fingered me with three of his thick fingers, it was stretching me and going deeper into me than i had experienced before, he pulled back and then forward and deeper, again he pulled back and then forward and even deeper and i knew he was now fully in me and he started to **** me, my boyfriend got his hand between us and started to rub my cl*t. . . . i came and came and came.

really hot story, love your profile picture, you have a beautiful body may I see your pictures please, Mike

Amazingly hot story... thanks

why would u let anything like this happen WOW!<br />
dumbass hyna

WOW! the experience must have been soooo hot! Thanks for sharring!

omg made me so wet. hot story. wish i couldve been there.

That is a very sexy story. I wish my wife would let me share her with other guys like that. I would love to see your pics also.

My wife gets tied up quite often and i have a couple of close younger friends that get to enjoy her as well, She finds the unknown of being blindfolded a real big turn on. They`ve played with her for over 2 yrs now and she has never seen who it is thats enjoying that body of hers.

That's hot. Wish my gf would be willing to try it. I'd have my friends do all the tying and groping - I'd just watch and enjoy it. I'd prefer she stay tied up when giving head.

SarahAnne, when are you going to see if your boyfriend wants you to do this? He may be afraid to ask.

Just found this story...Got me very arroused. Flashback to similar events in my youth. Thanks for sharing.

Blush:: I would do this for my boyfriend if he asked...

thats ht story ...


Truly Hot!<br />
<br />
What a good time; too bad it had to end so soon!<br />
<br />


hi annika<br />
i kind of hate to be such a kill joy but you know the first thing that occurred to me was it all seemed to have begun by having a boyfriend brag that you'd do anything if he told you to.isn't that the same thing as what someone does with their dog or a parrot perhaps.i would have thought that you would have felt little belittled.especially after having done all 4 realize that now you're viewed as a commodity a ****,not a person.<br />
now if you are o.k. with that then god bless ya.but if this was something that you did to just make HIM happy 'cause he wanted to show his "pals" how cool he is then you did it for all the wrong reasons. please don't be upset with any of this,it's only an observation from outside the circle

Delicious--lucky girl.

I am surprised like others above that you didn't do something like this again. Usually a girl that likes lots of attention will continue to like lots of attention.

That is a very horny story. I am so jealous!

My present husband ties me up on occassion.

and since ? do you stiill enjoy being bound ?

Volcanic hot.

Very hot story

Great story, made me hard