Birthday Suprise

I'd always mentioned being tied up to my gf, she seemed to like the thought but we never really got round to it.  This particular day it happened to be my birthday and we had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours,  I nipped downstairs, when I came back up my gf was laid on the bed in matching black lacy underwear and some black leather boots.  I was taken aback but instantly hard.  She told me to ***** totally, then we started kissing, she was playing with me down below and then stopped and told me to stand against the wall, I wasn't about to argue.

She put a blindfold on and then turned me round tieing my hands together real tight with a tie, there was no way I was going anywhere, she even told me to try and she just laughed she loved seeing me struggle.  She started touching my body making getting me all worked up, then she began sucking me, stopping before I *** which is when she knelt me down and told me to lick.  She made me lick her out until she came, she loved it shouting my name and asking how I was so good with no hands or eyes.  She stood me back up caressed my body abit more, teaseing me more, even rubbing her leather boots on my penis.

To finish with she threw me on the bed, untied my hands then tied them back upto the bed.  She then ****** me until I *** and then left me there for what must have been 10 minutes while she got a drink and then said I'm letting you go if we can do this again, to which I agreed of course,

leeverpool leeverpool
26-30, M
Mar 11, 2010