Probably Sounds Strange....

But it is something I love. Partly because I can never decide what to wear (I have a lot to choose from, plus i am indecisive!) but mainly because I love it, the lack of control over what to wear.
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4 Responses Mar 14, 2007

That sounds hot to me! Add me please!

There is an absolute freedom when realising you have no control. I think it's likely because in having no control you are free from responsibility if something isn't the way it should be...because you didn't make the decision. That's what I feel, anyway. I like @mindfighters 's thoughts on it though...Agreed Eric is totally whipped but so's Red, when you think about it :P

I'm with Odie - love to tell my wife what to wear. But on the other hand, she knows what I like and often surpries me with some pretty sexy outfits...

Lol, its like Eric on That 70's Show when Donna sends his wedding shopping with Jackie. " it is a strange kind of freedom but hell, that is how I was raised", lol. Or something like that.