I Love Being Told What To Wear

I have been a sissy maid for my Mistress/Wife for over 15 years When she decided to become my very Dominant Mistress the contract she printed and had me sign stated I would wear anything that she chose. So long after I have left for work Mistress goes into my dressing room and picks out what color of maids outfit I will wear that day and the boots or shoes she wants She has trained me to pick out color co-ordinated bras,garter belts,hose and panties. If I am to be punished she will pick out one of my strict corsets and or butt plugs and locking harness. I go all day horny and wondering what will be waiting
slavetoby slavetoby
56-60, M
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Sound like she training you pretty good

my wife puts out my panties to wear each morning over my cb

Just wondering, do you work a regular job during the day, dressed regularly at least on the outside, and then when you got home, is that when you transform to the maid in service of your SUPERIOR FEMALE MISTRESS? That is the type of relationship that i was recently in.
slave john

makes getting dressed very easy

You should beg your mistress for the honor of servicing her studs. you could suck them to hardness for your mistress, guide their hard ***** into her ***** and then lick both of them to provide proper lubricant. Be sure to clean both of them up with your sissy mouth each time they finish. It is your responsibility to keep your mistress clean and fresh for her multiple lovers.

This sounds like ane extremely exciting and fulfilling life. I am so happy for and envious of you.

That's wonderful is she training your *** for her lovers?

We only play together so far So usually the butt plug means I will be feeling her strap ons