Just Want To Be Nurtured

There are no others like me, I'm the old man that would tell you about wetting my pants hoping to get the response only a 1 ;year old would get. Love and tlc and oh man sometimes I am this great guy and I can fix the fancy meal, you'd love my chicken dinner. But just like that I will be standing in the kitchen and just wet my pants because I am too lazy to go to the bathroom or I like to imagine I am a little toddler again. I probably couldn't take being treated like a baby all the time but what can I say. let your guard down and I will do anything from wearing a messy diaper all day to looking in the garbage for the driest wet diaper. I know I am sick, I must be because no normal person over 50 wants to go in his pants or have some to diaper him.

I think that is just my desperation to be coddled and have unconditional love from someone. Whow do I look for a fanstcy or what.

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Being honest before marriage is an absolute necessity, whether we like it or not. Getting into ANY agreement, and then changing the groundrules afterward is setting the stage for disaster in the form of broken trust, etc. Telling someone of your diaper desires/needs is certainly one of those tests that you both go through before making the commitment of marriage, but it's a necessary test among many...<br />
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That being said, there are still two parties in every agreement, so, no matter what you think your partner thinks of your diaper wearing before marriage, they're likely to think differently after marriage. That's sort of the way it was for me. I had that moment when I pulled my plastic panties out of the closet and showed them to her, and she was mystified. Never having heard of infantalism or diaper lovers or adult babyism before, it was a whole nother thing for her to consider. But, consider it she did, and we proceeded to go down that marital road. But as reality sets in over the years, and the need and desire come to the forefront, choices are made by both parties about what the desired outcome is, and how much is too much, and on and on. It's those bumps and hills that make up the roller coaster ride of being married to a diaper lover or adult baby, or probably to any other type of sexual (or not) fetishist.<br />
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I consider my wife to be an understanding person. She knows what this is all about. She has a profile here to see what I'm doing and can come here anytime to read to her heart's content. Still, there are limits to what she'll accept and what she'll encourage. Even coming from that position of knowing in advance (before marriage) that this was something rather stranger than most other desires, she still (after a couple decades of learning and knowing...) chokes on parts of it. It's those parts that she chokes on that tells a person (me) that it isn't fully accepted, and in kind, you're (I'm) not fully accepted. That plays a major role in our behaviour towards each other.<br />
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Like you say ab24months, pray that miracles will happen, but learn to accept less than what you need when they don't.

many people out there even women who want to be treated like a child once in a while, The problem with most of infantilism world is that with everyone so afraid to talk about there desires, they settle for hiding them and then get married to a very non understanding person and the marriage fails or suffers. What if you open up, take all the crap about your desires and just maybe the right person that you are waiting for will in many cases fill your dreams and you can nurture each other. Diapers, wetting bottles or whatever. be honest before the commitment and pray that mircales still happen.