My Wife's Naked Show

This is not a story, me and my wife, were staying in a shared flat. My wife is a pretty young lady with little plumby nature. She is good in shape. She is having big boobs and heavy bosom also. She is a house wife also. In the flat other three guys also staying with us. They are bachelors and working in a firm. The three guys are young and charm. They are named omer, ahmed and George One holiday morning we are on the bed after our hilarious enjoyment we simply lying there, that time I thought about our other roommates. They have also off today. After our second game my wife is getting tired and she feel sleepy. She is lying the bed fully naked . I covered her with a blanket . After sometimes she slept, and I came out of the room . That three guys were sitting outside and talking. That time I have got an idea . I want to show them a good vision of my naked wife. I went inside my room and i removed the blanket from my wife’s body. Only covered the lower abdomen and thighs. All the other parts are clearly seen. I partially opened the door for them to see. I went to the toilet. I went inside the toilet and look through the key hole . I can see my wife is lying on the bed and the door opened . after a minute I saw ahmed came in front of our room and he is searching for me , that time he saw that my wife is lying naked there. That time i can see a bulging inside his shorts . I simply opened the tap and water falls . I just want to inform him that I am in the toilet. He came forward and opened the door little more also. He just opened his shorts and took his manhood outside. I saw a big cola bottle there. he then run inside and came back with his other friends . they saw my wife naked and they three opened their shorts and took their fly outside and they are ************. I can see their cola bottles. George came inside our room and remove the blanket from my wife s lap. She didn’t knew anything about this. Now they can see my wife’s full naked body without any dress. This time omer went back to his room and he bought one small camera and he took some snaps of my wife’s along with his friends. He took some close-up snaps of my wife’s plumpy ***** and big boobs. This time I made another sound from the toilet and they three went back from my room. I just opened the toilet door I didn’t see any body there. I came and close the door with full satisfied.

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Couple here too that likes to be watched and shares each other. We have vids and pics also if you are interested.

I'm interested

of course very interested

That is exciting
I would love to do that too?

Where r you from?

Very hot i wanna see. (((:

Would like to do the same with my wife for friends

She is a beauty!


hot story ,thanks

lucky guys

Sucks the pics didn't load

i wish i was there with my wife instead of those 3 guys
i would have seen ur wife n would have created opportunity 4 u to look at my wife n enjoy her too

oh thnx dear sure i will have a look at your hot wife

good story!!
add me please

Good story. Very exciting!
Get in touch with more pics please on our personal email.
Thank you.
English couple.

that would be great, wish my wife slept that hard! yup pix in order..

would like to see pics

THX for sharing, please add me would love to view pics.

Great story i would love to have been there

awesome story...would you please add me?

what happened next...u r wife knows about this?

tats really hot..they should have ****** ur wife hard.. wouldn't it be wonderful n sexy...

I think I would have had to do her and take the chance of you getting angry

Did they ever **** your wife?

did they toucher ever to over her nacked body...or fkd her ever...??? bcoz they were staying at the same flat chances were more for them....

yeah you are correct but i dont know may be they would have fkd herin the absence of me.

Did she ever find out? I would love to see her myself.

Would love to see some pictures

Woo so nice story thy for sharing :-)

bad !u should have told u wife about this..ur cheating n disrespecting her!!!!

Man, I bet that was exciting. You should let those guys know that don't mind them looking at your wife. Then, the next time your wife is asleep, maybe they could watch and ********** and even touch her.

So add me to yoru circle..I've added you and I'll have a look to see what her pictures look like! Or, if you'd them to me...same ID on yahoo dot com. I like big ****....and nice plump *******!

Would love to see the pics your friends snapped of your wife.