Show Girl

For a lady who before the age of 31 never had a use for sex, I am amazed that for the last 39 years, I not only LOVER sex, but even stranger, I love to be seen having sex. My current{and final} husband taught me very early in our relationship how wonderful sex can be, especially when you do not feel the requirement to restrict yourself to just one person.  Even though I had little use for sex before I met him, I have always had thoughts of being in a gang bang.  The first time that I had one, I realized that the act itself was only fantastic, but having the opportunity to show off was way beyond exciting!  While opening my mind and legs got me hot, creating an audience was mind blowing.  Having the other participants, comments and suggestions, drove me wild that time and EVERY time since then. It is always way much better when my husband would hold me while my partner went wild with me, but to have several people in the audience has continually brought out the actress in me. I love to please, but when I can so many at one time, believe me, I ENJOY THE ATTENTION.  Friends are fun, but having strangers in bars, clubs, hotels, and expecially beaches, makes for incredible sex.  Giving all of those anonymous faces something to appreciate and talk about for years........................ it is just GREAT!  SO, keep your eyes open and it just might be YOU who gets the show.  
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Sep 15, 2012