Saturday Night ****

My wife and I have been together 20 years and consider ourselves a fairly ‘normal’ couple. Fantasy and role-play has always been a major part of our sex lives. J enjoys being a sub and told me early in our relationship she enjoyed being spanked and enjoyed ‘rough’ sex. We are both Exhibitionist and Voyeuristic by nature. Physically she 5’3”, weighs around 90kg, and has a fantastic 40dd figure with a very curvy 42” ***. Having a young family we have to fit our ‘playtimes’ in as and when we can and they usually take place on a weekend night if we have the place to ourselves. She particularly enjoys scenarios where I Blindfold her and tell her she now has an audience of two or three strangers in the room then slowly ***** her, bend her over and spank her *** whilst they watch. She gets incredibly turned on by flashing at strangers and will often wear sexy revealing outfits when we go out, but that’s another story!
One Saturday night I blindfolded her then led her to the back window. It was dark outside, around 10:30pm. The curtains were wide open, and the room was lit by a softly dimmed spot array, which gave the window a mirror effect. The window looks onto our 10ft deck, then over the 50ft back garden with double gates at the end, the top of which are trellis like and can be seen over. I stood her facing the window and positioned myself behind her. I told her anybody walking along the road at the back of the house would certainly see her as I slowly pulled the spaghetti straps of her sexy black mini dress off her shoulders and then cupped her perfect **** through the almost see through fishnet material. She sighed and pushed her *** against my rapidly growing erection. I then pulled the straps down off her arms exposing her full breasts and long dark nipples complete with nipple chain. I teased her captive nipples, pulling and gently pinching them. I then pulled her sexy dress down to the floor exposing her black stockings and suspenders framing her freshly shaved, bald fanny. I stood and squeezed and groped her breasts as she leant forward slightly and groaned, paying special attention to her large, and by now, very erect nipples, pinching and pulling them, she groaned softly, not knowing if she was actually being watched by a voyeuristic stranger. A few people passed but did not notice our ‘show’. I slapped her *** and ordered her to open her legs wider and slipped two fingers into her by now soaking bald fanny from the back and fingered her hard as I asked her if she liked being exposed and fingered when she knew a stranger or strangers could be watching, she groaned and answer that being exposed and used and abused turned her on so much. I asked her if she was ‘gagging’ for a nice big **** to stretch her slutty wet ****, “oh god, yes…please” she almost whispered as she gripped the window sill and thrust her ample *** back against my hard **** and fingers. I bent her over more forcing her legs wider apart, and moved to the side of her, grabbing her by her pony, and pushed her mouth down onto my ****. She sucked and licked greedily as I told her she was a dirty *********** **** and took our 9” Black Boomster vibrating ***** and slowly pushed it into her swollen soaking fanny, she gasped and groaned with pleasure. I pushed the entire 9” length up and down her swollen engorged lips. “Oh God! **** me with it!” she begged. “Do you wanna be ****** with it like a dirty ****!” I whispered. “Yes PLEASE!” she breathed. “Turn and kneel on the table with your *** to the glass ****” I sternly told her. As she was blindfold I helped her climb via a chair on to the dinner table, and knelt with her back to the window. “Now bend over and show your watchers your dirty **** holes!” She bent her hips turning her blindfolded face to me as she rested her head on the polished wood surface. Once bent she parted her knees wide as she reached back and grabbed an ample *** cheek in each hand and pulled them apart revealing not only her bald glistening fanny and swollen red lips, but also her tight starfish ******* in all its glory. I moved to her head and pushed my hard **** into her mouth as I turned to admire the view of her exposed *** in the ‘mirror’ reflection in the window. As I slowly pumped my **** in and out of her hungry mouth I became aware of an orange glow at the end of the garden through the ‘trellis’ gate and I Swear my **** got bigger as I realised our fantasy of being watched had become a reality! Someone was stood, having lit a cigarette, the other side of the gate, staring intently at our sexual antics. “I can see someone watching, do you want to show them what a dirty **** you can be?” I asked. “Oh **** yes! Spank my *** and fanny, make me tingle!” she begged. I moved next to her ***, her cheeks still wide apart I teased her with my finger running it from her swollen **** slowly back into her sopping wet fanny, tracing around her inside, she groaned loudly. My finger slowly continued its journey up between her open arse cheeks to her tight *** hole, I ran my finger, soaked in her juice around her puckered *** then quickly pushed my finger inside her hot hole up to the knuckle and started to finger **** her ***. “oh my GOD! That feels...ohhhhhh yess!” “Yes, you love showing off and being watched like a Dirty **** , you’re a bad ****!” I told her and with that I brought my flat hand down on her right *** cheek sharply. “Oh yessss! Punish my **** ***!!! Harder!” she said. I lightly caressed the pink hand mark on her *** cheek, then gave her 10 more, alternating between cheeks. “oh YES, YES!!!....harder, make me squeal!!!...punish your ****!!!” she begged. “Hold yourself wide” I ordered her, she obliged grabbing her cheeks firmly and pulling apart. Her red *** and dripping engorged red fanny lips on full display, I peered through the window and saw our watcher had got brave and was now stood at the end of the deck just 10ft away. My hard **** twitched and stood up proudly, I picked up a small leather strap from our bag of ‘toys’ and looked at our watcher, I noticed he was about 25, dark and with a lean slim but solid build, and was now stroking his 8 inch **** slowly. “ He’s looking at you through the glass right now at your **** holes” she softly groans. “Do you want him to see you squeal ****?” “Oh my GOD YES!!! Punish your **** for him!” I brought the leather down between her cheeks and heard the sharp snap as it made contact with her bald fanny. “AAAAwwwwow!” she cried and bucked forward on the table. Thinking maybe I was getting carried away in my excitement I asked her if the safe word was about to be spoken. “Punish my dirty **** hole harder!” she demanded, “Show him what a dirty **** I am, you know how to use me!” she growled at me throatily. Again I brought the strap sharply down onto her fanny, again she squealed and bucked. I then gave her five rapid slaps between her wide open *** cheek playing attention to her puckered *** hole. With each blow I could see goose bumps rise up on her thighs and *** cheeks, a sure sign an ****** was on the way! I then switched back to her ****, bringing the strap down in time with my question “Ready – for – some – hard – ****?” “ Oh my! please! Yes **** me hard” At this point I had planned to **** her hard with our ‘Boomster’ 9in ***** but thought as we actually had a complete stranger watching who was obviously very aroused, this was a situation too horny to waste. “ You’ve given our watcher a massive hard on so he can face **** you while I **** you like a proper ****” “ GOD YES! Two ***** to enjoy, oh please just use me” she begged. I beckoned the guy to come to the back door, and walked my **** to the door thru the kitchen. I opened the door and there stood the voyeur stranger, holding his 8in hard thick ****, slowly wanking as he drank in the vision of my naked, stocking clad, blindfolded baby in front of him. “ Bend over ****!” I ordered her. As she bent forward the Guy reached out and groped and squeezed her ****, she groaned softly as he moved his other hand between her legs and spread her legs wider to accommodate him. He spoke for the first time. “Wow, your **** is dripping” he hoarsely said, “You are a dirty ****!” he said as he pushed two fingers inside her. She groaned, “please, please **** me” she begged. The stranger withdrew his soaked fingers, taking hold of her ponytail he pushed her head down towards his bulging fat ****, then he put his juiced finger in her mouth, “Clean them first” She licked and sucked his fingers clean, then he pushed her head down onto his **** which she greedily started to lick and suck. I knew I could not last much longer and judging by her telltale goose bumps which how covered her *** and the tops of her legs, neither who she. I stood and grasped her by the hips and rammed my engorged **** into her soaking *****. As I rammed my **** in and out of her she gushed and I could feel her juices running down her thighs to her stocking tops. I rammed her hard for about 4 minutes and could feel my ****** fast approaching. The stranger half closed his eyes and said in a rising voice “ I’m gonna shoot!” With this my **** rose up slightly and started to **** him hard, He let out a almost guttural sigh as great lines of milky *** shot from his knob all over her ****, mouth and hair. I could stand no more as I pounded my **** into her and felt my own *** rising, I shot my load inside her fanny, and whist still *******, pulled out of her and coated her red *** cheeks with my sticky white *****. Her *** quivered and bucked as her ****** hit, she started to yell “YES YES YES YEsssssss!!!!” She stood up straight, still blindfold “Was I a good ****?” she panted “The Best!” I replied, “And then some!!” said the stranger. He tucked his now flaccid **** into his jeans turned and walked off towards the back gate. I closed the door and removed her blindfold. “Now you can be my **** and clean all his *** off my **** and your *** from my *** and crack…WITH YOUR TONGE!!! NOW GET YOUR *** INTO THE BEDROOM *****!!!” she ordered, I could feel my **** hardening again…but that’s yet another story.
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love to have U 2


A very hot story! What a lucky guy to be passing your place that night!

Great story, thanks ffor sharing it with us, very exciting & thought provoking, we are regular doggers so love this sort of situation xxjan & trevxx

Love to be himxx

So hot. Wow I'm wet :)