Changing Room 2

I know my husband doesn't care to go shopping with me, but I wanted to find that special something to liven up our upcoming vacation, and I had just the shop in mind. They call what they sell club wear, but in my book, it's called perfect. Slinky, clingy, and low cut; just right to show off all the assets. His patience in our outing was greatly appreciated and I promised that he'd be rewarded, thoroughly. I'll enjoy looking back on this experience for some time to come.

I could see the aggravation creasing his brow as I asked his opinion on colors and styles, but then the heat came into his gaze with every short skirt I held up. When I finally found a few outfits and dresses that I liked, I headed for the dressing rooms.

There are chairs & tailor made for men who accompany shopaholic wives and girlfriends. One chair sat open and waiting for my man. I felt both relief and excitement to see that the other chairs were filled with men, all in similar situations, waiting on wives or girlfriends. I debated his reaction to what I had in mind, but then threw caution to the wind.

The dressing room doors consisted only of fabric, and I didn't bother to close my curtain completely. As I looked out I saw his eyes go wide when my top hit the floor and left me bare from the waist up. I wasn't in full view of anyone except my husband and the sales clerk, but I was still slightly apprehensive. When I glanced in her direction to find her smiling at me it eased my fears. Apparently I wasn't the first to do this. She settled in behind the counter to watch the show. Her reaction made me bolder.

Slowly, I unhooked my slacks and turned to slowly ease them down my thighs, leaving my thonged *** exposed and in the air. I sneaked a peak over my shoulder as I stood to judge his reaction and saw him shift positions to ease the pressure that was building in those tight jeans of his. Taking my time, I slid a dress over my head and shimmied it into place. It was cut almost down to my waist in front, a deep V that exposed the inner sides of my breasts. The skirt was short and slightly flared. It would be a great dress for the dance floor; easy to expose myself a little at a time while in a crowd of people. I slid the curtain aside and walked out to pose in front of my darling, waiting for him to tell me yes or no. When I raised my arms above my head it pulled my skirt up enough to expose the lowest edge of my ***. I felt the stare of the other men as I modeled. When I bent over my husband's chair to whisper in his ear, to ask what he thought, I knew he and several other men could see my breasts. I love having that kind of attention focused on me.

When I received an enthusiastic nod, I blew him a little kiss and turned back to the dressing room. Behind my back I heard someone telling my husband that he was a lucky man. For that, I decided to leave the curtain open a little farther.

The second outfit was a halter top and longer skirt combo that pushed my girls up and left my midriff bare. Actually, you couldn't call it a skirt as it was only a panel of material in the front and back held together by a thin cord looped loosely at the waist. I noticed the clerk's smile again. She gave me a thumbs up and I gathered that she approved of this one. I liked it myself. With every step I'd take the skirt would flare to expose me fully. It was meant to be worn by a seductress, so that's what I would become.

Again, I pulled the curtain aside abruptly, but this time it wasn't necessary to have movement to attract attention. I saw several eager faces turned my way, waiting. I think they were enjoying the show.

I knew the look on my husband's face. I'd seen it several times, just before he lost that perfect control of his and ****** me. The thought of him dragging me back to my dressing room and shoving the skirt and my thong aside, left me very wet and turned on. Hell, the thought of him pulling me onto his lap was driving me nuts too. I couldn't look away from him; from that promised heat.

As I asked his opinion I heard several others voice their approval. Again, he nodded, but this time it was much slower, his gaze sultrier. Why bother to close the curtain this time at all? Everyone had already seen almost everything I had. I strode back to the small cubicle and with my back to everyone, slid the clothing off. The only thing that covered me was the small V at the top of my ***. I was so excited that I couldn't hear anything except my own pulse pounding in my ears. I took my time bending down to slip on some heels and then slipping on the next outfit. Before I could even turn around I heard applause behind me.

When I stepped out I noticed that several women had come from their dressing rooms and joined their men to watch me. None of them looked pissed at me as I had feared. One who stood to the side told me she wished she had the guts to do what I just did. I looked at my husband to see the biggest smile on his face that I'd ever seen. No longer did shopping matter. I'd accomplished what I'd come to do. I asked if he was ready to go and he jumped to his feet, nearly pulling me to the check-out counter. I tugged free and went back to collect my clothing and the new outfits.

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Great story - and picking the right store at the right time probably makes a difference. Try to get my wife to have fun trying on fun cloths she may never wear, just for the potential excitement they might offer... but she is too practical saying she would never wear that and puts it back... Keep having fun for the rest of us! ;)

Wow fantastic to read you again...

my wife did that but ****** a guy working there

fantastic post! I once had an experience in a store managed by my sisters friend, she kept bring jeans for me to try on when I already knew the size, and had them in the changing - idiot that I was lol.
I finally got the idea and she blew me kneeling on the floor with the door open. I could see people stop and stare when I finally came (which was not long) I looked and about 4 people were standing there watching.....omg that was hot summer!


So you didn't **** or suck him in the dressing room? Wife has never put on a show put we do it(**** or suck) in dressing rooms while she tries on slutty outfits. Man I'm LUCKY! Go back and finish! :)

You have a sexy fun wife! Keep trying to get my wife to try on clothes like that and have some fun. Did manage to get her bra off but she panicked when a sales woman knocked on the door... Maybe next time... ;)


Wow - soo where is it that you like to shop ?? Wow - you are THE SEDUCTRESS in my mnd.... How exciting you sound - would love to modify the story to only you and the sales gal.... how would you write that ...? sd

Wow, that was great! let me know next time you go shopping