Told To Put Up With It

My then wife, now the ex, developed a disdain for me. She flaunted her boyfriends, and relegated me to sloppy seconds before cutting me off completely.  She made me suck the **** of the husband of one of her work mates while the two woman watched. She found out about a sadistic domme and inquired as to loaning me to her to be made into a masochist.  I knew about their communications, and realized I was hated enough that she did not care if i was hurt by others.

Before my third trip to visit a lady I had to call Mistress, I was informed that she wanted me to purchase a bull whip, and that my wife was to inspect it and make certain it was of a quality that would leave some welts and marks before taking it for a session. My wife chuckled that she would be helping to decide on the weapon that would strike my bare skin.   She went to the store with me and she was soon eyeing her choices of eight ply braided bull whips.  One was four foot in length, and the other eight foot.  She told me Mistress was to receive two whips.  She delighted in watching me pay for these two whips, and she wrapped a ribbon around each so that Mistress would know they were my gift to her.   There were no tears in her eyes as I climbed into the car to visit Mistress for the weekend.  There also were no aspirin or aleve in the bag.

People watched as I knelt and present the whips to Mistress.   They all knew I would be in pain before the afternoon was done.  Some thirty people were there and several of them were aware of how sadistic she could become.  I heard her practicing, and the popping sounds soon informed me she was becoming proficient.  When she appeared, the glee in her eyes and lips let everyone know they were going to witness a beating.   She told me nothing was going to be off limits, my front and back were bothe to be whipped.  As I ********, some snickered when only my panties were left on.  Not for long as I dropped them to the ground.

My two wrists were bound in front of me.  I watched as a rope was tossed over the tree branch and then attached to my wrist binds.  My arms soon were above my head and my naked body was exposed for 360 degrees.  My grown B cup breasts stoodout and i could see her aiming to come straight down across the front of my **** with the whip.  The first blow stung and I knew she would continue until tears were streaming out of my eyes.  The breasts soon had red welts as did my stomach and thighs.

She moved behind me and started on the back.  The back could withstand the blows more easily than the breasts.  Both whips were used and the beating lasted close to 45 minutes.  She told me there would only be one more strike.  She stood infront of me.  Suddenly the whip rose striking my balls and penis as the onlookers cheered her on.

the following whippings became easier to accept. 
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

why did you have this whipping done?

she was a domme, I was her masochistic sub

The whipped balls and **** hurt like heck, and yes, when she was done I had to accept what others wanted to do

You didn't describe your reaction to having your balls whipped. Didn't she offer you to pleasure any of the excited guests?

I was offered to pleasure some of the men on several times