Rahul had just forgot to bring his homework book and was given order to stand holding ears facing girls row.More humiliating was girls sarcastic remarks. Reeta was also caught for same offence but being girl ordered to wright ten times for repeating this. She boldly refused so teacher ordered head girl to take her to principal.Reeta objected actually she argued for sparing Rahul for the visit to prince,so not to waste time teacher Rahul also for the same way.
Poor Rahul was unnecessary involved,but visit to principal by boys always amounted to cane or strep but girls were given lines or mere warning.Hwad girl was sympathetic to Rahul and assure him for her best to avoid his cane which even Rahul knew was impossible.
Principal secretary was a just college pass out on reading the slip gave a sympathetic look on the boy and assured"dont worry only a cane on back" an told the girl to wright 100 times not to repeat the mistake
,and in stern voice told Rahul to stand on the corner till Principal come back.
Princee was in a hurry , secretary told Rahul to get in as soon as prince entered, he didn't pay much attention to Rahul and jast ask him to bend on the desk and started discussing some important issue with the secretary.On reminding about Rahul he without asking for the ofence ask secretary to bring the cane,and with a sudden jerk pulled Rahul' trouser and panty down Secretary was shocked to see Rahul's bare bottom ready for canewhich she was not expecting ,suddenly he received a call and ordered secretary to request viceheadmistress for Rahul;s caning and left.
When headmistress came every thing was ready so she didn't bother toask for the crime and give six of the best on Rahul's bottom the asked him to get up,Poor boy for such minor mistake standing naked facing vice principal who was very strict with boys.
She called secretary and ordered Rahul to call her from her cabin another who on his back for pulling panty and trouser, and ordered to go like that with tis garment around ankle.
Reeta was waiting out side and listening tha sound she got full view of his front and back.Secretary could not control her smile on getting tatal view of a boy hardly three years younger to her.
She was ordered to complete the punishment register then allow boy to pull his trouser up' With a sarcastic smile secretary ordered boy to follow her through doore where Reeta was waiting eagerly for him.
After formalities with head girl and Reeta poor Rahul left for his class.Both girl were making comments on his punishment he was feeling humiliated as sooner whole class would know!!!!

aashina aashina
Aug 22, 2014