Family Friend

My mom had a good friend of hers that would baby sit me if mom needed to go somewhere for the day, she would drop me off in the morning,and I would stay with her for the day, well this fine lady never wore a bra at home, so mom would drop me off, I went to the door, knocked, she opens the door and is standing there in just a thin nylon robe,with nothing on underneath (but only if she knew mom was not coming in with me) and her nipples are saying good morning to me evertime I went over. Later in the morning she would get dressed, usually a thin sleevless shirt again no bra, and she had the most beautiful shaped breast, not huge, not small, large nipples, I would follow her around like a puppy the whole time I was there. I have to mentally thank her for her freedom in front of me helped me not be so bashful around women when it came time for intimate times together.
slowhanddan69 slowhanddan69
41-45, M
Jul 16, 2010