Just Love It

Braless is something I just love.............I do wear a bra at work, but as soon as I'm home I have to take it off...I'm actually topless when writing this confession, and it's just heaven! My boyfriend says that it doesn't matter to him as long as I feel comfortable. And I do.
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5 Responses Jul 31, 2010

i also love to be braless - infact in saree i never wear bra and wear a bit low neckline thick blouse - my husband loves to handle my boobs in blouse. once we went to a night party , my husband got a bit tipsy and i was little tipsy due to wine too and he put his hand in my blouse in saree and handled them in front of some people my blouse was too low so some part was seen too - he did not remove his hand frm my blouse till we came home

I don't own a bra, either. Boob slings are rather pointless. Perhaps I should care that other people care that my nipples might poke once in a while, but given the choice between being pooh-pooed by strangers for my indecency, and tension headaches from a garment intended to do something I don't need, I'll be sans cleavage-enhancers thank you very much.

I feel you on that one I don't like sleeping in them myself! Keep the braless movement going Lol

It's healthier to put away the bra.Now just get ride of all other clothes lol

I love hanging loose as well... and I have yet to receive any complaints :)

We men will not complain. We will only complement as to how good it looks giggling and swaying.