Open Nipple Bra

I continuously try to get my wife to wear no bra at all. She is not 20 anymore, and although I think she looks terrific with no bra she thinks she needs one. So, I started looking for a 1/4 cup bra that just gave a little support but left the nipples exposed. I searched far and wide and found a few, but none that really liked until just recently. Finally, a bra that does exactly what I wanted it to do and I have had limited success in having her leave the house wearing this, as I call it, "look at us" bra. I love it!
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3 Responses Jan 31, 2011

I think that if you just keep the gentle compliments coming that she will feel more confident and sexy..... and the open-bra is sure to follow. Maybe just out to see a movie where its not "visible" in the light of day would be a good start. [and be sure to thank her afterwards]..... compliments and reassurance certainly have positive reaction in my wife [though me buying her clothing is not a good idea.... I have no clue how to pick stuff out and she is picky about her clothes].<br />
Good luck [and yes, indeed, nice ****]

I think they're wonderful breasts and the bra....what a find.....if I could only get the wife to wear one of those. i'd be in heaven.

They are great.