I Love Going Braless At The Supermarket!!

I have just discovered braless... my breasts are very round, very large and full even though I've hit 40, with big big nipples. I recently bought a very sheer, extremely tight dress that fully shows my breasts... I now wear it every time I go to the supermarket (I go to one some distance from my house so I can be really free and not risk meeting my neighbours!!) and boy, do I get some admiring glances and comments as my breasts bounce and sway through the aisles. One time an elderly gentleman even asked me if he could feel them!! - how could I say no after he asked so nicely - and so he put down his shopping basket and caressed both my breasts for a little while!
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I love to do the grocery shopping with or without my wife. Most women wear pretty skimpy attire when they go to the grocery store....LOVE the cold aisles especially!! During the summer, it is so hot that as soon as a woman walks into the store, her nipples get hard. Best part is that most of them don't try to cover themselves and the "girls" are pointing at me all the time....thanks for being braless!

I applaud you for your courage...and why not? Bras suck and the natural look is sexy. Just think how you made that old man's day..I'm pushing 50 and maybe one day, I too, will have the balls to show a little *** at the grocery store. :)

Fun story - and applaud your change of attire! You will cause many to smile and bring cheer wherever you go. And some fortunate few will get to enjoy even more! What a lucky guy. ;)

😄 Some men have all the luck!!!

...you should read my story "...her 'nips' ..."

I wished to do that to some one and give pleasure to some one.

Great story and thanks for sharing it with us.

Take a foto. I am sure our amigos would love to see.

Nice. :) Did u let him kiss them too? That's also very sexy.

Wonderful story. I have been out and about without my bra and enjoy that feeling of freedom - also men loking at my ample breasts

girl... you just wrote one of my BIG time fantasies. friend me and we'll discuss.

Wow, what a lady. Well done!

You are naughty but nice to let an old man feel them.

Wasn't she just! A real Sweetie :-)

You are so sexy and naughty. I LOVE confident woman that love to show off her body. Unfortunately that also intimates me because I am so shy. I admire the older man that asked you if he might feel your breasts, I'd LOVE to do that too, I hope i wouldn't do it for too long though.

I see wayyyyyyy to few women that go braless! Thank you for your contribution to me being a perv and looking at your beautiful free swaying, bouncing breast!! If only more women would follow your lead!!!!