My Frist Week Of Going Braless

I started going braless when I was 20, I'm now 25. I started of in the fall wearing thinest t-shirts I owned with opened cardigans or sweaters on top. I'd feel so embarrassed and excited wondering if the noticed my nipples poking out yet or the shape of my areola. I would travel around town a lot on the train and bus asking for directions standing there in front of stranger man, woman, bus drivers, business workers and fellow by passers as a 5'2 small innocent looking girl with her **** basically on display. On incident that really stood out to me was at the train station at night on my way home,this drunk walked up to me and started talking to me (sounds normal right ... wrong) he was much taller then me and was so bent over that he was eye to eye with my boobs I felt a wired combination of being ashamed excited and afraid the more he stared (it was like the more harder they became). Another incident is when I wore tights tank-top that reached waist I had a boy my age trying to start a small conversation with me but the way he was looking at me made me feel completely naked as if I was standing there with absolutely nothing on.
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you are so freaking hot i wish you were standing here with me like that

I bet you do

loved the story and love the photo on your profile. would love to read / see more x

Maybe ;)

Wonderful - hope you continue! You look great in your profile photo - you should post more pics of what else you wear that allows your fabulous bod to be seen.

Will see

We can hope we will see! ;)

There should be lot more women like you !!!! Add me please

just to see bralessboobs makes my day yumm

Fantastic, so bold!

My wife is braless sometimes, but I really wish she would always be that way. I have tried to encourage her, but haven't had much luck. I always let her know how great she looks when she is braless.

Have done the same with my wife with limited success. Is so hot when she does go out running errands. Keep trying to increase the places she feels comfortable enough to do it. Like to unbutton her shirts and leave it, some times she realizes what I have done and other times she doesn't... ;)

Loved your story - I too never wear a bra - I love seeing people's reactions - most recently -wearing one of my thinnest white t-shirts - hard nipples on major display I not only got extra help but followed from isle to isle - it's amazing what a nice bounce and a lot of nipple can do - lol

Your awesome :)

i would so like to have you as my friend .. you sound so really sweet. thanks, jim

ah well it put a smile on my face and a lump in my pants today so thats sayin something

Very sexy - a combination of your like, and the bit of embarrasement and also knowing others are looking.. as well as the sensations on the nipples from the sweaters..

Keep up the good work.

i'll try ;)

Very nice

You work through it, find what you really love and go with people who are happy to help take you there :)))

If I had seen you I would have given you compliments on showing what you are blessed with!

Great experience; loved reading it. Please add.

lovely, absolutely lovely!

I enjoyed your experience.


I would say first it is much healthier for your breasts to be braless. Second, the 'displaying' yourself is also what you should be doing. Women of your size and stature tend to be delightful to look at.

I always make my lovers dress in a manner which allows them to be both innocent and elegant, but allows them also the capability to reveal parts of their body to select individuals and to allow people in general to enjoy their beauty, such as showing erect nipples.

You enjoyed feeling naked and on display, didn't you?

"'displaying' yourself is also what you should be doing" ..... meaning?

You like attention. You want men to look at you and take you

Im glad that you seem to enjoy exposing yourself in this manner. i personally get just as, if not more turned on by a braless woman in a thin shirt than if she just plopped them out in the open. theres a bit of sexy innocence about it, along with the excitement of seeing something your not normally supposed to. i never really understood the whole bra burning craze of the seventies, they claimed to be rebelling against men but they were actually doing exactly what we had been craving for the beginning of time im sure! i think it is super sexy seeing a pair of hard erect nipples through a cotton tee. and if her aerolas are dark enough to show through, omg im braindead till i recover after she walks by! so i applaud you and hope you add me so i can enjoy your tshirts! :-)