Reactions And Distractions

I love the feeling of going braless, particularly when i'm with my husband. I'll wear something semi-sheer, just for the sheer pleasure of watching him slowly go out of his mind. I catch him looking at me, waiting for a moment he can sneak a quick grope or suck but i rarely let him when we are out. I am always watching out for other men looking at me, too. Quite often, i see the distraction in other men but love it when i get attention from women.
My breasts are very large and i have extremely sensitive nipples so i adore the feeling of my clothing rubbing up against them, especially in very cold weather. There's nothing quite like the feeling of being out all day with a man who's been lusting after you, resulting in a hot mouth around a cold, hard nipple!
zombiegal zombiegal
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i go braless 90 percent of the time as well its so much more comfortable im a c cup so sometimes its kind of obvious. whats weird is my breasts actually look smaller without a bra. they just jiggle a lot but it feels nice

God I bet it drives him WILD.
My ex used to do this as well. I used to have to hobble when we were out in the Summer... x

Mmmmh nice! What I find amazing is when the both of you are totally and completely 100 % past the naked stage. When you can playfully tease each other resulting in hot wicked sweaty sex, that's what keeps everything alive! Love it Zombiegal!

I think my husband is hinting at me being more bold about this when we're out of town. I enjoy going braless for him after I got used to it by I'm pretty conservative and going braless in something that literally lets the color of my areola show through in public is really anxiety provoking. I'm pretty sure he's going to go beyond hinting and just require me to do it pretty soon so I'm trying to psych myself up. Have you always liked it? If not, how did you overcome the shame or fear or whatever?

My ex used to do this-she was 36F.. She wasn't quite so generous when we got home though:( x

That's great you are so self confident that you like to show off like this and enjoy all the attention your wonderful breasts get you. I'd LOVE to see you like this and I'd sure get rock hard instantly.

Great story and couldn't agree more! Would work great on a hot day with ice chips in my mouth too!

Well that has answered a question that I asked a few minutes ago! LOL

Enjoyed your experience

You've got it absolutely right. There is nothing like teasing a man all fricken day. I love it when my wife does the same thing and when other men have a hard time sneaking a peak at her and at the same time...try not to offend me. If only they knew that I enjoy their slight glances. By the time I come home, all that built of frustration get's released in a fury of passionate romping.