Braless Is Relaxing And Sensual

I love going braless in public and at home. Given I have a professional image and might run into people from work am careful and choose wisely when I let my boobs swing free. I like to wear either slighty sheer tops so that you can see just the faint outline of my breast and notice the jiggle when I walk. It is nice and feminine. If I'm in a more sporty mood, then a nice tank top with ribbing so my nipples will have enough friction to stay erect. I'll pop out and run errands. So far, I've not noticed anyone with an offended look, most just smile or stare. I love my breast and the way they make me feel in the head and between my legs.
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I adore the sideways glances and even witnessing the occasional erection. I love to give that knowing smile and wink, especially if the gentleman in question is with his wife or girlfriend. Occasionally, i'll get a little smirk from her, too and that's the best attention in my opinion!

You're so right to be proud of your breasts and I LOVE your attitude to show them off discreetely, walking brafree on occasions :)

Stay bra free and enjoy the life!

Wonderful story...I really love seeing a woman who has that remarkable little jiggle going on as she walks, it brightens my day right up!