While On Ep

I enjoy spending time on EP while being bra less. It's so erotic sitting here typing and sharing whether be reading or writing and feeling my breasts tingle under my clothes. Of course having them loose under a top is an amazing and sensual feeling. Makes for easier access as well! One of the most arousing things to do is to feel them thru my top while on EP and enjoy your response to this! Sound good to you?
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Enjoying another braless day! Feels so sexy and enjoy telling you how good my nipples feel. Saw some sexy pasties that would be fun to wear but I like the feeling of nothing under a shirt while chatting, reading EP and having fun!

Absolutely. I'm reading...and looking....and I always get hard....and have to ***** nude so many times to release my **** straining against my jeans! (....that's not a bad thing....) ;)

a very good thing! Mmmmm yes take your hardness and stroke it while enjoying EP! Feels good huh?!

Mmmmm gooood to hear!!! Yes, do it!

right now...my **** against a gsring i'm wearing....precum..down it goes... stroking my hardness......in front of PC...need a cam to show off......mmm...so stiff.....love the feeling of my ****...


yes it does!

Sound bloody perfect to me!

That sounds wonderful Nippy. Wish I was looking at you right now. :-)

As you can guess from my profile name I have a preference for delicious boobs and as you love your breasts yourself you're even sexier. I'd LOVE to play with your breasts and make you ****** of breast play alone, but then I'd also LOVE to eat out your ***** as dessert afterwards and make you ****** several more times.

oohhhh yes! Sounds boobilicious!!! mmm lets!

Yes, that's very boobilicious !! May I touch your wonderful breasts and play with them for hours, hopefully making you ****** over and over ?

yesssss suckle them tooooo

Oh yes ! I sure will suckle them for extended time while holding your breast with both hands and massaging it :)

Yesssss for many hours luv this soooo much

I'd LOVE to suckle your wonderful breasts for hours holding them in my hands and massaging them gently :)

yes I can feel it and feels so goooooood mmmmmmm suckle me and massaging mmmmmm

Mmmmmm, I fantasize much about being on your wonderful breasts, massaging and touching them gently while suckling on your hard nip :)
That sounds like paradise on earth for me.

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i better hurry so i can get there before ,,meursault05,, my fav thing to do also !!! lol,, hope your sitting there with an snap button longtailed shirt of mine on sweet!!!

mmmm yes loose without bra and lightly rubbing over nipples

ahh yes,,,i would think the feel of your breasts and nipples under your blouse would be somewhat erotic,,,

Very sensual.....thanks for the image in my mind. I will be thinking about you all night

Mmmm nice to know you were thinking of me all night! Such a wonderful thought huh?! Enjoy knowing that my breasts are free to jiggle a bit and soooo soft and warm and full?! So very arousing!

Sounds great!! Now if we could just see your braless boobs and hard nipples...