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Open Nipple Bra

Hi Im looking for a bra that leaves the nipple open so Im still perky and I can wear a tight top to show off my hard nipples.

Cassi1969 Cassi1969 36-40, F 55 Responses Oct 6, 2009

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Very sexy!!! I love that look

We are lovers of this too, my wife is stunning. We looked at peep hole bras and decided we would just manufacture our own from her old stock, so we did, one in White and one in black. Results were amazing

Hi let me knowhow i can order one to australia, I couldn't find any. My wife has been looking for a one for ages,

I'm looking for a bra that is of the quality and shaping support of Victoria's Secret, but that has holes to expose my wife's large nipples. Anyone know where to shop online for this?

Please email me at

Now that is a great idea.

I'am a DD and wear one all the time... Very sexy.

My wife is a 42 DOUBLE D she recently had her nipples pierced she wears alot of open NIPPLE BRAS for support but loves her NIPPLES and her JEWELRY showing thru her sheer or tight turtle neck tops go for it you'll never belive the attention you'll get from men and women

Shelf bra, baby! Or, if you live in the south and have a Roses nearby, shop for lingerie there! You can find lacy demi bras that you can easily pull your **** out of for the affordable price of $3.33. What's not love?!

add me pls

that is such a hot look... love seeing the nipples and the gentle sway of the breasts as a woman walks...very very hot.xoxox jim

So what did you decide to wear? Also it wouldn't load the pic what was the pic?

Nice! I love to do this too! The shelf gives a little lift but enough exposed to show off the nips! Also feels great as the shirt or top will rub a little more against the nipple! Open nipple bras are also veryyyyy sexy!

Michele has some pretty good suggestions that I'll have to pass along!<br />
<br />
If you happen to be built like one of my ex g/f's though, with aerolas that were fairly high on her breasts? She found she could take advantage of the situation to tease the guys by wearing halter tops that were a little too short, and going braless.<br />
<br />
The bottom inch or two of her breasts hung out under the top that way, but her nipples were still covered. It was sort of the opposite way to get the same effect women usually go for with low-cut v-neck tops. Instead of guys looking down from the top hoping to see a peek of a nipple, they kept an eye on her top to see if it might ride up her chest a bit and give them a peek from below!

I adore women like you Cassie ! My gf is a respectable 38 c ! with huge dark brown nipples and aereolas ! like 2 inches wide ! we went to a party last summer. she had a smoking hot ivory white off the shoulder sleeveless top on . how do i look ? babe, ur smolong hot and everybody will noticde you ! she got mad and got a 2 inch band aid . cut out for her nipples only ., she think her aereolas arent sexy ! wrong i proved it to her later that night ! u rock sexy . add me please / growl xo peter <br />
<br />
That's where I like buying bras for my wife. My wife has a lot of Victoria Secret bras...but these bras are the bras that get my juices going.

Go without the bra and enjoy the bounce!

I followed your link and I loved the pics

Why don't you cut some holes in one of your old bras? Thats what I have done with my Mrs before.

Would love to see the results when you find one.<br />
<br />
Hope this site is of some help for you.

Cassie, g**gle "open nipple bra" and you'll findsome truely beautiful items. Good luck...Be Sweet...Danielle.

The only thing i can say is that I love nipples and hopefully I might get to see you're.

The other thing about bras is that their purpose seems to be (generally) to totally immobilize the breasts! I.E. do you want your breasts to look like the stiff fiberglass bust of a store mannequin?<br />
<br />
I think if you have titz at all you simply must do you yourself the favor of totally optimizing their appeal....I.E. not only by making your nipples "POP" but also by putting those puppies in motion! They got to jump and jostle for maximum effect!<br />
<br />
Most titz (unless they are really slim) can be jacked up a little and held together, but held loosely enough so that they are like 2 big "water balloon hernias" (held in place but) slopping and jiggling around on your chest as you walk. This conjures up images in a guys mind of your breasts hanging down "pendant style" and slapping your body and he gives it to you... (very eye catching).<br />
<br />
I think the ultimate bra would be like a sports top when your boyfriend pulls it down and your titz pop with support under neath...strapps up the sides to hold them together and then with some sheer very elastic fabric stretcher around them giving a covered but nude effect....and then to have lace to show through in all the normal places to give the illusion of a normal bra...that way you can feign decency!!! Whist really totally "whoring up" your rack!<br />
<br />
P.S. also i think this bra too could be designed to be dangerously easy access!...I.E> only a light tug down on the sheer elastic front fabric would cause the under cups to turn inside out (downwards) and your Ta Tas to spill out in one of those most regrettable wardrobe malfunctions....:) damn (feigning your best shock horror!)

Go to Fredericks of Hollywood they have the shelf bra's. Once you start you will always want to show your **** me I know. I wore the shelf bra's when I first started going braless. Now I go without my bra. Go to my album "Sassy At Work" I went without yesterday, luved every minute of it. Let me know how it goes, have fun:))))

i'm totally with that...the bra should never have been allowed to sacrifice form in the process of its function!<br />
i.e they do a great job of jacking your titz up but lop your nipples off in the process?<br />
Let us not mince words: Nipples are Awesome, you can strut around the place while all the guys are swelling in their jocks, trying hard not to look and they feel like THEY are the naughty ones! <br />
For not wanting to peel their eyes away....(CLASSIC)<br />
And you can even dress conservatively (THAT'S PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY BABY!) wear that smart white dress shirt...corporate conservative... BUT with a bit of a twist, those fat nipples mushed up like little kids faces pressed up tight against the candy store window....tight even the outline of your areola is JUST decernable...... beautiful......<br />
It so poignant... that to the casual glance you are a corporate clone but with pam anderson's rack morphed into it cunningly disguised...completely plastered in corporate dullness yet leaving nothing to the imagination... you could call it sluttysheek.....<br />
I'm a fan of your work...totally

Have you tried the bare lift bras?

I dnt see any pic... pls add me so I can see ur pics.

that's a great idea - i had never heard of that till now, I hope it catches on!

you are a very sexy woman, love your pic on f.b.

I've been wearing half, quarter or nipple bras ever since my boyfriend (now hubby) bought them for me. He found them incredibly sexy. Besides being sexy, the good ones are really comfortable. You get good support yet can show off. They are great under sheer or tight tops. And now that my nipples are pierced...

i would say braless is a great choice, i love to see those **** sway and those perky little nipples poking out :) but there is a shelf bra if you want a little support. Id say with your size.... go braless id love it!