Our First Ep Hook Up

I met D. here on EP a few weeks ago. He loved our stories, and wanted a peek at my wife. I added him to our circle, and he was blown away. I'm so proud of how pretty my wife is, and it's a thrill when other men find her attractive too. Anyway, D. was coming up to Toronto last week and asked to meet up, so he and I met for a beer after work. Really down to earth guy, we got along great. He asked about my wife, and whether it would be possible to meet her in real life, just to see if she was as hot in the flesh as she was in our album. So on Friday night, my wife and I met him for dinner downtown. We chatted all night over drinks, he told us all about his part of the USA, what he did for a living, etc. I could tell he was trying desperately to sneek a peek down my wife's top and catch a glance at her fabulous **** that are posted in our EP album. So I asked her - in French so as not to be understood by our friend - to be discrete but to give him a peek. As she spoke to him about the kids she teaches at school, she unbuttoned first one then a second button on her blouse, and as she spoke she leaned in toward him. D. just stared into her eyes, listening intently, but whenever her eyes were diverted for a moment, he'd peek into her blouse for a peek at her ****.

We settled our bill, and I went to the men's room for a quick pee before leaving. D. followed me in with the same idea. "Jesus Christ, you weren't kidding about your wife's ****, were you?" he said to me at the urinals. "Any chance of seeing a bit more? I'd love to have a feel, if that's okay with you two". Absolutely, I told him, and I promised I'd speak to my wife.

We got to our car and offered D. a ride back to his hotel. He sat in the back, and my wife and I up front. On our way to drop D. off, I mentioned to my wife that she appeared to have an admirerer.  We talked about her for a bit, and D. apologized for looking but mentioned that she had a terrific body. My wife giggled and asked wryly "oh you think so, eh?" There was a moment of silence in the back seat as D. wondered what to say next. He appeared to be embarrassed. I asked D. if he would like another peek before we dropped him off, and he replied awkwardly from the back "if it's okay". My wife looked back at him and laughed, then at me and smiled. "It's up to you, hun" she said to me. I pulled over and she got in the back seat. I adjusted my read-view mirror to watch.

I drove off, taking the "scenic route" of course, though I don't think either of them noticed or cared that we were driving in circles for 30 minutes. I watched them chat and giggle for about 10 minutes, though I couldn't hear what they were saying to each other. My wife unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her **** to D., who just continued to chat to her. He kissed and fondled her **** in the back seat of our car, while she was obviously enjoying the sensations as her eyes were closed much of the time. I wanted to get a better view of this, so I pulled into a parking garage and parked in a remote spot on the top floor. I turned off the car and turned around to watch. He was enjoying her ****, groping and fondling and kissing them like a maniac. Meanwhile she had taken out his very erect ****, and wrapped her fingers around his shaft and stroked him slowly and softly. I too had taken out my own ****, and was mastrubating while watching the show. All of a sudden, D. grunted and began ******* in my wife's hand. She giggled, and cleaned him up with a Kleenex.

We dropped our friend off at his hotel, and as we drove off my wife wasted no time in unzipping me and wrapping her lips around my stiff ****. Her head bobbed up and down in my lap for only a few seconds before I exploded in her mouth. Pretty tame compared past encounters that we've had, but incredibly hot for both of us... can't wait to try it again! D., and I'm sure you're reading this, I told you we wouldn't disappoint didn't I? LOL

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

mmm what a very hot story. Lucky guy he was. Seeing her at dinner would have made me hard and horny!

Would love to get a peek at your album! I'll be in Buffalo next month if your up for a real meeting! Oh.. great story by the way!