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I have F cup breasts and thankfully are firm and I hate bras. My problem is I have very large nipples and aeriolas. I used to worry about not being discrete enough but son't really care now.

kimberly38F kimberly38F
36-40, F
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damn those are some huge fun bags

good for you...be proud of those beauties...:))

Gorgeous breasts - let it go - share - we love 'em

I love your style!!! Keep showin them off!! They look fantastic! Would love to see more!! Please add me!

Glad you have overcome your fears. Just trying to overcome mine about going outside my home without a bra

I love huge nipples!

they do look like big fun

Wow, I would love to be seen with you. Glad you dont let other set your standard for descretion, You should be proud that it is YOU that set the standard!! <br />
<br />
Awsome pic. Boy it would be fun to have you around. ...Dwayne

you are a gorgeous woman.

Beautiful breast! Are you shaved or unshaved> i like to see a thick bush!!